Floodlight 20

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The wide beam floodlight is characterized by outstanding asymmetry and individual light distributions. With its four sizes the high lumen-output Floodlight 20 is extremely flexible in application – from parking lots, loading ramps and container terminals to sports facilities and event arenas. The design as a wide beam floodlight with 0% light spill up to a 15° upward inclination guarantees maximum glare control and the avoidance of light immission. Optimized thermal management and the high protection rating (IP66) enable reliable operation even under adverse weather conditions.

Avoidance of light spill and glare due to design as a wide beam floodlight with 0% light immission up to an inclination of 15°

SITECO Connect Sport

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SITECO Connect Sports enabled a simple and uncomplicated control of the flood light via app with a range of up to 70m
The luminaires can be individually controlled or even grouped
Scenes for training, half field, competition or goal celebration can be created without problems
The download of the app is free of cost and free of license fees (iOS & Android)
The SITECO Connect Sports controller can be used as refurbishment kit for DALI luminaires. An adaption of the infrastructure is not required

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Order No.: 5XA769SCSGTIN (EAN): 4058352476673
Product nameArticle
SITECO Connect Sportcontrol unit

Order No.: 5XA769SCSGTIN (EAN): 4058352476673

Product nameSITECO Connect Sport
Articlecontrol unit