SITECO Connect Group


Save energy, protect nature and the climate. Illuminate individually and ensure road safety. All of this is possible with the group and control cabinet controllers from SITECO. SITECO Connect Group offers a wide range of controllers for switching main phases and control phases. Depending on the model, they allow intelligent lighting control according to the calendar day and time, astro clock (sunrise and sunset time at the location) and, in combination with sensors, even more: for example using twilight sensors, traffic loops or motion detectors. The devices control street and path lighting as well as building illumination, areas and sports fields. They are installed in the electrical sub-distribution, for example in the switch cabinet using top-hat rail mounting or in a weatherproof housing for the light. Depending on the model, autonomous operation is just as possible as networking the controls with each other. SITECO Connect Wireless Group Control allows remote access for convenient setting at the desk and remote monitoring with automatic alarms.

Controlling and monitoring of luminiare groups