SiCompact 31
Ready for more efficiency.

SiCompact: Only real top performers earn this name!

Just like the previous generation: Wherever you see SiCompact® on the outside, you know top performance is on the inside. These floodlights have been perfectly adapted for the outdoors to withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions. Four sizes and six power classes give you versatility like you’ve never had before.

SiCompact®: Highly efficient performance packed into an award-winning design.


PL 32 - This is how area lighting works

A single SiCompact® floodlight illuminates an area of 1,000m2 with outstanding uniformity. Comparative solutions produce a combination of spotlighting and dark areas.

The magic word here is PL 32, the asymmetrical deep-beam light distribution that SiCompact® floodlights use to send light into every last corner. It’s always in compliance with standards – and uses fewer floodlights to achieve greater uniformity than comparative solutions.



40m × 25m = 1.000m2
Eavg = 8,7lx, U0 = 0.28

Standard product 1

40m × 25m = 1.000m2
Eavg = 6lx, U0 = 0,04

Standard product 2

40m × 25m = 1.000m2
Eavg = 7,6lx, U0 = 0,02

Full illumination: With our asymmetrical lighting technology, we put light right where it’s needed — throughout the entire area.

SiCompact® illuminates an area up to four times larger than other floodlights. This means fewer luminaires for the same area illumination.

Even better: We’ve improved efficiency at 4,000 kelvin by 44 percent compared with the previous generation.

SiCompact® avoids any light imission (at 0° inclination). In addition, the new 3,000-kelvin light colour helps protect the environment and species.

The normative value for uniformity is 0.25 (DIN EN 12464-2). SiCompact® effortlessly meets this standard — and with significantly fewer floodlights.

SiCompact - Ready to deliver the performance you need!

Simple, fast installation

Simple and fast installation with mounting bracket and preassembled connection cable

No light emission

ULOR 0% at 0° inclination.

Greater environmental protection

thanks to new, insect-friendly 3,000-kelvin light colour

Precise, homogeneous surface illumination

for optimum visibility and exceptional safety.


Highly economical and cost effective thanks to an increase in efficiency of up to 44% (compared with previous generation: 4,000K)


Improved surge protection (up to 10kV) and extended temperature range (–40°C to +45°C)

SiCompact Maxi - the new top performer.

Strength in every detail

including up to 70,000 lumens and a service life of 100,000 hours (L80)

No light emissions

ULOR 0% at 0° inclination

Highly efficient operation

and homogeneous illumination thanks to PL32 light distribution

Wide range of control options

through DALI

Future-proof and a secure investment

thanks to replaceable ECG

Simple, quick installation

with a mounting bracket and connection in the housing space

Made for the outdoors. A design for all time.

  • Integrated design has no distracting screws
  • All components incorporated within one enclosed form
  • Integrative, linear cooling system
  • Bracket as final unit aligns with the housing
  • Continuous edging as a design feature of the SiCompact® family

SiCompact at a glance

Product details, planning guide, specifications -
you can find everything at a glance in our SiCompact flyer. 

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