Streetlight SL 11 iQ -
Streetlighting with Intelligence2.

SL 11 iQ.

Making the future.


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Streetlight SL 11 iQ unites lighting technology, efficiency, future viability and environmental protection as well as intelligent control, diagnostic options and flexible connections on top.

The SL 11 iQ incorporates all our know-how. Everything that is possible today in terms of lighting technology. For you, this means: technical top marks, outstanding light and lighting control options.


Thinking future

The most comprehensive control and diagnostic options in the history of light - from the individual luminaire with convenient control from the office to the fully connected infrastructure. 

Streetlight SL 11 iQ - that's intelligence2

Enjoying the convenience offered today. Be able to respond flexibly to all control needs tomorrow.

connects all parts of the luminaire - ECG, LED module, optics and wireless parameterization. This turns individual components into a connected system.

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SITECO iQ Smart-Interface
allows you to ensure all control needs and requirements of the future. That means: 

  • More flexibility.
  • More independence.
  • More control variety.

Details on SITECO iQ Smart-Interface.


Smart-Interface +
SITECO iQ Auto-Match


All luminaire data is stored twice. Spare part case? The new component is automatically reset - faster than in Formula 1!

Details on SITECO iQ Auto-Match

Smart-Interface +
SITECO iQ Street-Remote / Desk-Remote


Simple and convenient: parameterize luminaires without unpacking and powering up or conveniently via Bluetooth from the sidewalk.

Details on SITECO iQ Desk-/Street-Remote


Smart-Interface +
SITECO iQ Smart-Wire 


Continue to use existing control wires without additional components in the luminaire? That's exactly what Smart-Wire is.

Details on SITECO Smart-Wire

That's future.
Even better.

Patented reflector technology. Non-yellowing PMMA. We get the maximum out of LEDs. Light where it is needed. Only where it's needed. Dark sky at its best! For highest efficiency, highest precision, highest visual comfort.

Maximum control thanks to premium optical concept. No light immission into the night sky. No stray light into gardens or adjacent natural areas.

Streetlight SL 11 iQ -  this is the new benchmark for precision and glare control.

Light. Trendsetting.

Operational Management. Maximum comfort. 

Put an end to mountains of paper and manual processes. Instead, manage everything centrally from one interface. To manage, control, maintain and service.

Let's start today - and together define the light and management of tomorrow for your municipality.

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That's future.
Absolutely green.

From the initial idea, to the finished product, to commissioning and maintenance - all under one roof. Durable housings. Effortlessly replaceable components. Recycled and 100% recyclable materials. Insect-friendly light colors without light pollution and stray light (ULOR 0). Environmental protection in every detail - that's Streetlight SL 11 iQ. 

Streetlight SL 11 iQ - that means ...

Enjoy the convenience offered by SITECO iQ functions today. Switch to the networked world tomorrow. Completely flexible. Equipped for everything: Streetlight SL 11 iQ Smart-Interface.

Thanks to a clever modular concept, the SL 11 can always be upgraded to the latest state of the art. No disposable light, but light for generations.

0% light into the night sky - the Streetlight SL 11 manages this thanks to design and lighting technology. For a truly dark night sky, certified by the "Paten der Nacht".

From die-cast aluminum housing to multi-replaceable LED modules with specially developed lighting technology - with us, everything is designed for long-lasting operation with high CO2 savings.

SITECO luminaires can be dimmed, switched and controlled as needed. The reduced amount of light has a positive effect on the natural behavior of animals.

SITECO produces in Germany under environmental protection guidelines. This means no long transport routes halfway around the globe and packaging with as little plastic as possible.

The main components are neither glued nor screwed together. They can be easily separated and returned to the material cycles. For the ECG, we use 94 % already recycled plastic.

Modules, drivers and other components can be replaced easily and even without tools - ideal for repairs and upgrades in no time at all.

Your own SL 11 iQ -

configure now!



With a wide range of standard models, control options and various configuration options, SL 11 iQ is as adaptable as you want it to be. Directly ex works or prepared for the future. 




Product details, specifications and much more -
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