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refurbishment luminaire insert

Refurbishment trunking luminaire – universal, modular and functional

Highbay 31

Highbay 31 The universal talent of hall lighting. Reliable, efficient & intelligently controllable.

Monsun® 21 | 1277mm

Economic and installation-friendly.

Monsun® 31

The simple solution for demanding tasks.

Monsun® 41

Straightforward, practical, robust.

Silica® 21 Floor R

As flexible as modern work concepts.

Scriptus® 11

Progressive, contemporary design with outstanding efficiency and quality of light.

Arktika® 21

Ultra-flat design meets modern lighting technology.

Apollon® 21

The intelligent luminaire range for office and general lighting.

Apollon® 31

The pragmatic solution for office lighting.

Apollon® 41

The pragmatic solution for office lighting.

Circ Single & Pendant

Circ is design on a new level.

Decentralized air disinfection

With UV-C radiation against viruses and germs in the room air

Spot 21

Efficiency and versatility at the highest level.

Lunis® 21

Always in the right light.

Lunis® 40

A round solution for all cases.

Rondel® 31

Practical and robust.

Rondel® 41

The round classic with modern LED technology.

Rondel® 40

The round classic with modern LED technology.

Ecopack® 31

The convertible batten luminaire.

Ecopack® 40

The high-lumen output linear luminaire for general lighting.

Batten 41

Simple, functional, linear.

SITECO Connect 22

Solution package - basic and additional lighting functions