Lighting solutions
for the entire site.

Why refurbish lighting?


Refurbishing saves 80% on costs and energy.

Whether production hall, office or outdoor area. Refurbishing the existing lighting saves up to 80% on energy and costs.
Even with existing LED systems that are only a few years old, innovative lighting technology and
intelligent control options can reduce energy and costs by 40% to 60%.

How much energy can you save, depending on the age of the existing lighting system?


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Refurbishment is necessary due to the ban on lamps.

Almost all conventional lighting systems are operated with lamps that are no longer allowed to be sold in the EU. The majority of conventional lamps are no longer available.


Refurbishment is subsidized by the state.

Investments in climate-friendly lighting are supported with attractive subsidies. You can receive over 50% from the state for efficient indoor and outdoor lighting.

SITECO solutions ideally meet the eligibility requirements.

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Refurbishing is teamwork.

How much work can we take off your hands?


Too many projects to handle? No staff to do the installation? Or do you need someone to support you in your project? Then let’s work together. We are your partner when it comes to lighting solutions. Regardless of whether you are a wholsesaler, planner or end customer. Our specialists will support you throughout your entire project. From review, assessing the savings potential and planning the refurbishment solution to funding and financing through to installation and commissioning.

What does our project management do for you?

  • Support the project on site
  • Coordinate and monitor the project
  • Install and approve lighting systems
  • Assign and coordinate partner companies
  • Optimize and conclude contracts
  • Organize tests and measurements
  • Document the project

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Our service is modular. You choose how we can support you.

We have trained specialists with many years of experience in the electrical industry for each service module. And if required, our professional project managers will manage your project for you. You will have a reliable contact person who will coordinate all steps.
So that everything happens at the right time. So that all par tners are ideally integrated. For the entire project. At any time.

One appointment – full transparency.

How large is your refurbishment need?

The on-site review is the perfect basis for your individual refurbishment concept. Our experts record the entire inventory on site. Room by room, hall by hall. From the lighting to the electrical sub-distribution, we create transparency. On this basis, we then develop possible scenarios for the new lighting, tailored to the individual needs and specific requirements of the customer.

Our SITECO light audit creates transparency regarding your need for refurbishment at the entire site:

  • Analysis of system condition and refurbishment requirements
  • Operating costs and CO2 savings
  • Investment and payback


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Get the facts.

How much can you save?

Based on the refurbishment concept, we determine your potential energy and cost savings as well as the necessary investments.
The result: Your personal business case for refurbishing the lighting system.

Lighting concept and electrical concept: The solution in concrete terms.

Our experts show you what is already possible today. Not in theory, but directly at your location. We transform your ideas into technical solutions for you, along with the functional and design requirements. To achieve this we work hand in hand with architects, lighting designers, electrical planners and installation companies. To enable you to make the best decision, we bring the planning process to life by using state-of-the-art visualization.


We develop a lighting concept or customized solution tailored precisely to your needs – enabling you to benefit from outstanding and sustainable lighting and control technology.


  • Lighting design
  • Lighting concept and electrical concept
  • Customizing solution
  • Individual refurbishment solutions


We will find your individual lighting solution. 

Customization: Refurbishing existing systems requires custom solutions.

When all catalog options are exhausted, our customization process begins. Developing individual customer solutions is our daily bread and butter. Our refurbishment kits can be adapted to any situation, be it suspended drywall ceilings, metal panel ceilings or system ceilings.
Refurbishment is carried out with minimal effort: In most cases, existing housings and cables can be used, eliminating the need for complex drywall and cabling work. Thus, the installation can be carried out during running operation.
Everything is possible. Simply contact us.

1) Modification of standard luminaires

  • Customizing housing dimensions, colors and mounting accessories – for optimal integration into existing ceiling systems

  • Changing the light color and color rendering

2) Modular kit systems

  • Versatile, combinable systems for your project solution
  • Modular SITECO optic platforms as the basis for your custom luminaire

3) Development of special luminaires

  • Concept development and project management
  • Construction planning and special luminaire construction with an experienced development team

Light and building management – intelligent, interconnected, tailored to your needs.

Lighting has never been so intelligent.

SITECO Connect lighting and building management systems get the most out of your lighting installation. Sensor-based control saves energy and extends luminaire service life through targeted dimming. On the other hand, the needs-based increase in illuminance creates more visi bility and safety, if necessary. Lighting management systems automate control, create transparency and thereby optimize
operations – so you can focus on what really matters.

Advantages of intelligent lighting:


Maximum energy savings.
Light only when and where and to the extent that it is actually needed. State-of-the-art light and motion sensors and intelligent time controls help you maximize your energy, CO2 and cost savings.

Flexible and with open standards.
SITECO Connect adapts to your requirements and equips your systems for the future. Thanks to open standards, seamless integration into common building management systems is guaranteed – immediately or later – to suit your schedule.

Easy to operate.
Control doesn’t have to be complicated. With SITECO, you can operate your lighting system conveniently and easily according to your requirements. Via light switch, app or central touch panel.

Full transparency. 
Analysis tools provide an overview. They monitor the condition of the system, warn of problems before they arise and allow evaluations for further optimization of energy efficiency.

Greater productivity and healthier employees.
Intelligent light can do more. With the right color temperature, illuminance and light dynamics, well-being and performance can be significantly increased. Technology is the basis for this. Planning, configuration, installation and calibration are perfectly matched to the individual conditions. With SITECO HCLlive you create the ideal atmosphere for productivity.


Find out more about light and building management here.  



Are you looking for a partner for installation and commissioning?

SITECO is a partner of the wholesale. We are on hand to support electrical installation companies if, for example, there are bottlenecks during installation and commissioning. We will help you to ensure that the lighting system is up and running on time. As the client, you have a dedicated contact person for the complete duration of the project, who takes care of everything both on site and behind the scenes, fulfills your wishes and takes care of all warranty issues. And who also networks and coordinates all involved parties: we work with reliable partner companies from our network. Or with partners of your choice.


Our installation and commissioning services:

  • Complete dismantling and disposal of the old lighting system
  • Professional mounting and installation of luminaires and light management systems
  • Commissioning of the lighting system
  • Commissioning and coordination of partner companies
  • Reliable: everything from a single source
  • Networked: all partners optimally coordinated
  • Promised: our wealth of experience is your advantage


We are happy to help you with your individual project.

Your customer doesn’t have a budget? We’ll take care of funding and financing.

Those investing in climate-friendly lighting receive subsidies. You can get over 50 % from the government for efficient indoor and outdoor lighting. SITECO knows. We help you select the optimal funding. We work with you to calculate subsidies and financing. and we also assist with the application.

Financing instead of own funds.

We would like to show you how this works. Because it can be done – simply by spreading the investment for the new lighting over several years. It then often sustains itself, because more operating costs are saved from day one than are incurred in monthly installments. We will gladly do the calculations for you and your project.

Our individual financing solutions let you save from day one. The terms are flexible and depend entirely on your needs. We also prepare efficiency certificates that verify at least 50 % CO₂ savings for funding applications.

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Lighting solutions for the entire site


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