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The new Silica® 21

Just imagine: An office where you turn on the light - and you immediately feel comfortable. No luminaires in the typical industrial design. Not just bright. And not the same solution for everyone. But your own personal light. That you like. Because it suits you, your ideas and your needs. So that you can work well. How does that sound to you? Too individual to be true? No. That's the Silica 21. And maybe soon your office: modular, flexible, connected and open in design.



You have the dimensions. We have the solution. Because the Silica family of luminaires is exceptionally variable. Its modular system opens up a world of possibilities. You can plan your project exactly as you envisage it – the Silica keeps pace without breaking a sweat. Its uniform look takes many forms: Slim and linear. Or really compact. Square or asymmetrical. All that’s possible: With the Silica modules, you can scale and rescale as you like, then choose a compatible look for your needs. And decide with complete flexibility where you need sensors. Everything’s in the modular system.

A scalable modular system for tailored project solutions.

Underlying this is a modular system that can be flexibly expanded in the basic dimension of 300mm × 50mm. This enables the Silica 21 to also meet special spatial requirements. Whether in the series portfolio featuring various lengths and looks or as an individual tailored solution – there’s no limit to the design flexibility.

Allows free forms

Suitable for all
installation and
ceiling situations

Rigorous gear-tray
principle for

Lighting design

Full of ambiance or more neutral? Pointed or multifaceted? For each location, a different light is the perfect light. And many criteria are involved in that. Standards apply at workplaces. People in the room care about their visual comfort. And of course it should look good, too.

Jump in and design! Silica makes it all possible: You can vary and adapt light colors, luminous flux and light distribution in countless ways. This lets you turn your vision into reality, get rooms to work effectively – and contribute to people feeling comfortable all around the clock.

Fibonacci. The mathematics of nature.

It’s a word that can give you an edge in a quiz show. And quality of life as well. But let’s start from the beginning: Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician in the Middle Ages. He listed a sequence of numbers that has since been named after him. The sequence relates to the golden r atio – when visualized, it creates very harmonious images. The lens in the ELDACON® L look is also designed according to the Fibonacci principle: This gives the lens a special structure that mixes the light and provides particularly harmonious, uniform lighting.

A light that lets you work well and live well. Thank you, Signore Fibonacci!

Light distribution



Pretty darn smart: The Silica can communicate. At the end of each profile, a DALI-2 sensor can be installed or retrofitted, thus transforming Silica luminaires into sensor luminaires that you can easily network and control. But there’s more: You can connect the Silica to other systems using additional analysis functions. SITECO Connect and open interface enable luminaires to communicate with building management or Outlook. This brings real advantages to daily office life: In the future, luminaires will help book shared desks, reserve rooms, assign cleaning services and create more efficient buildings.


Our solutions including luminaires, sensors and apps enable you to collect data around rooms to intelligently manage space.

Our solutions let you intuitively use rooms by:

  • Detecting workplace occupation to improve space utilization – gain a decisive advantage in times of flexible work models with shared desks

  • Measurement of building efficiency for optimal and demand-oriented use of space

  • Directly connecting to the customer’s data system

  • Acquiring environmental parameters (option)


Wireless Connection -

SITECO Connect wireless

Sensor desk wireless

Sensor area wireless

Connect wireless

Wired connection -

Open DALI2 interface

Sensor desk

Sensor area

Room data acquisition -

Open interface

Sensor Advanced Analytics

Room data acquisition


The SITECO MATRIX sensor can register and track people’s movements without collecting personal data. Automatically compliant with data protection regulations.

Efficient deployment of building services

Service providers for cleaning or disinfecting workplace s are only deployed where they are really needed. Automatically complies with data protection regulations.

The ideal basis for optimizing areas

You can leverage occupancy data to systematically analyze and predict room usage and adapt the room concept to the usage.

Information about open desks to work

Employees can use an app to book open desks to work. Automatically complies with data protection regulations.

Open design

One concept  –
three looks.


Find your
perfect Silica.





Silica 21 variants

Silica 21 Floor R

The classic, particularly slim floor standing luminaire with wide-beam, indirect light for homogeneous illumination of the ceiling.

Silica 21 Floor L

Uniform light distribution across the task area thanks to a linear, clear shape enables relaxed working without glare.



Where the variety of the catalog ends, the almost infinite variance of customization possibilities begins. SITECO offers a wide range of options for customized solutions through an experienced team of designers and engineers. Made in Germany gives us additional flexibility and speed.

We live customer proximity through flexibility & speed.


You find the Silica 21 interesting? And you want to know more about what it can do for you? Simply enter your contact details. Then we will keep you up to date.

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