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Municipal administration of the future.

How do you manage your lighting today?


Forget about stacks of paper and manual processes!
With SITECO and sixData, you can manage everything centrally. Via a single user interface. Easy and intuitive. The solution for managing your operations – manage, control, maintain and service.

luxData: one solution for your entire community.

Tomorrow’s municipal administration involves more than just a registry.
The demands on municipal administration are growing every day: saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, protecting insects, digitalizing management, increasing efficiency and at the same time ensuring smooth operation around the clock.

Our solution: luxData.easy brings the future of operational management to your town or city today. And management is just the beginning. Commissioning and docum entation of any work automates your processes. Cross-vendor control and monitoring your lighting makes you future-proof. You can even leave the maintaining and servicing to us to fully focus on your core business. luxData is the solution. For managing your entire lighting and all other objects in your town or city.



Let's get started today!

Together we will define the management of the future for your community.

Administration and operational management of the future.

All data available at all times, from the date of installation to the geographical location. Shown in map, table or hybrid form. And with a simple click of the mouse for all objects in your town or city – clearer than in Excel.

Identify faults early on, plan maintenance, place work orders and document their processing. Track in real time and from anywhere. Or simply sit back and have the sixData service team manage all operational needs for you.

Control all luminaires centrally in your town or city – whether street blocks or individual luminaires. Cross-vendor control tailored individually to your needs and budget.


Measure power consumption and operating costs, identify savings potential and prepare optimally for refurbishments. Get savings recommendations from luxData.easy thanks to accurate data and intelligent statistics.


Maximum compatibility. Maximum security.

Compatibility is key for us.

Regardless of the system you have been using to date – we offer interfaces to all lighting control and geoinformation systems.

Our systems are optimally protected. Data and software services are located securely on servers in Germany. Our security standards are tested and cer tified by QAS International according to ISO 27001. More interfaces and greater security are not possible.


Maximum simplicity. Maximum flexibility.

The name says it all – the web-based user interface offered by luxData.easy allows all relevant data to be
managed easily and accurately. The luxData.easy functions are as flexible and versatile as the communities and administrations that use them.

luxData.easy can

  • be filled easily like Excel
  • record all data from the date of installation to power consumption
  • control all objects in your town city
  • monitor lighting and record fault reports
  • measuer power consumption
  • provide custom dashboards fpr maximum transparency

SITECO and luxData.easy


Scan and transmit SITECO luminaires with total ease. SITECO luminaires can be inventoried and transmitted to luxData.easy using a QR code. The luminaire data can thus be supplemented with important information such as location, time of installation and type of installation.

Your path to the administration of the future.

Use our modular service and choose what is useful for you. How much work can we save you?
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Your path to the administration of the future

SITECO and sixData