Lighting Control


Why lighting control? 
Because everyone benefits!

Save energy. Reduce CO2 consumption. Transparently monitor your installation. Increase safety for the general public. Do something good for nature and wildlife:

Time-based and situational lighting control with SITECO Connect Wireless provides towns and cities as well as companies with impressive usage options that ultimately result in one thing: a lighting solution that benefits everyone.



Switch off temporarily? Switch off area by area?
We say: Smart lighting control!


9 reasons for lighting control with SITECO Connect Wireless. 



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When future begins? 
Decide for yourself!

With us, you lay the foundation for a future-proof infrastructure. That’s because SITECO outdoor luminaires offer standard connectivity for all control requirements thanks to Smart-Interface. They allow plug & play integration of sensors or help you to manage your power consumption and reduce costs with radio-based control solutions and demand-driven lighting concepts. SITECO Connect Wireless offers the right combination of options for every requirement.

When and to what extent you use these options is entirely up to you. Either directly from installation, or upgrade flexibly when you feel the time is right. Your light is ready.

... thanks to standardized interfaces (Zhaga Book 18 and D4i or NEMA)

... thanks to expansion options in case of later need

... in application – from simple to fully networked

... thanks to plug & play installation of radio control systems and sensors

We are at your side when taking the next step.

Digital operational management

Lighting control as part of digital operational management.

The future means not only intelligent luminaires and control systems, but smart operational management as well. The digital management of the municipality of tomorrow begins with luxData from sixData. And the best thing is: you can control, monitor and manage SITECO Connect Wireless from within luxData. One interface - everything under control. That is the next step.

Learn more about sixData and luxData. 


SITECO as solution provider

We are at your side. From planning and customised programming to commissioning and monitoring of our networking solutions, we offer everything to make our solutions as simple as possible for you. 

Everything is possible - service tailored to your needs.

Ripple control replacement

Ripple control replacement

You want to switch and dim your lighting centrally? Or need to replace your existing ripple control system?

We've got you covered.

Lighting control
in practice.


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