SITECO Connect.

Technical flexibility for outdoor areas.

SITECO Connect solutions for outdoor areas make communities, cities and companies more livable and attractive. Time and situation-based lighting levels optimize energy consumption, increase safety through improved visibility, e.g. during rush hour, and prevent vandalism. Connected systems provide transparency about the condition of the lighting system and, in combination with our luminaire management service LumIdent, greatly simplify the system’s management. The environment also benefits: targeted dimming lowers CO2 consumption and light pollution for the benefit of plants and animals.&nbsp

Local controls.

Many of our luminaires are available with digital control functions. The electronic control units enable a wide range of individualization and control options; for example, permanent or time-dependent dimming to quickly adjust to current lighting requirements and to easily tap unused energy-saving potential. One highlight: Intelligent thermal management significantly extends the service life and our advanced constant luminous flux control avoids over-planning and creates additional energy-saving potential. The SITECO Connect portfolio offers a wide range of sensors for environment-dependent control of the luminaires. For example, our PIR sensors enable brightness-dependent control or switch the luminaires based on perceived movements in the immediate surroundings. All sensors support the simplest installation via the universal Smart Interface. Thanks to the Zhaga standard, luminaires equipped with the Smart Interface are compatible with a wide range of extensions on the market, and thereby offer maximum flexibility and independence. The sensor-dependent control creates safety, reduces light pollution, protects flora and fauna and lowers energy consumption.

Connected controls.

In the solution range SITECO Connect I/O, the Street Light Control PL (SLC PL) represents the innovative light management system for outdoor lighting. SLC allows demand-based control and monitoring of single luminaires up to thousands of light points in order to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and light pollution. As a central element, the SLC software provides a transparent overview of the entire lighting system. For optimized maintenance planning of lighting and thus enhanced traffic safety. With Powerline technology, existing power grids can be used for data transmission – without the need for additional cabling. We make use of the ISO/IEC 14908 Powerline standard, which enables the integration of system components from multiple manufacturers. This greatly simplifies system installation and enables intelligent, transparent control in no time. A good example: the tunnels in Skiron, Greece. In this project, the SITECO control not only independently regulates 4,000 light points in 17 tunnels, it also integrates cameras and sensor technology. The SITECO Connect Wireless portfolio enables wireless lighting control. The major advantage of a wireless solution is obvious: all the benefits of an advanced control system are possible without extensive cabling work. It is particularly easy for SITECO customers to implement, because the Smart Interface gives our outdoor luminaires a standardized interface based on Zhaga Book 18 and D4i, which makes them compatible with all control systems of the same standard. Thanks to the Zhaga standard, SITECO customers can choose from many suppliers of telemanagement systems on the market and test them in advance with individual luminaires. The Smart Interface not only ensures future reliability, it also enables additional flexibility and greater independence – you can select the time for implementation or retrofitting as required.


With LumIdent, SITECO Connect offers a three-step solution for inventory and asset management. LumIdent enables simple commissioning and management of your luminaire infrastructure. That means: Simple setting, diagnosis and management. This saves you time, ranging from commissioning the luminaires to taking stock of your inventory. Extensive diagnostic data support you in optimizing internal processes and streamlining workflows. SITECO Connect Beyond transforms road luminaires from light points into multifunctional bases for applications that go beyond lighting. The integration of cameras improves security and can be used for traffic control, while radio or audio systems enable real-time communication with the environment. Their variety and availability make road luminaires the ideal basis for a Smart City infrastructure and enable additional applications such as charging stations for electric cars, projectors for ice warnings or emergency call systems. Thanks to open standards, SITECO luminaires are future-proof and flexible – and will make you a pioneer in Smart City.


SITECO is a solutions provider. With innovative services that span planning and customer-specific programming to commissioning and monitoring of our networking solutions, we offer everything to make our solutions as easy as possible for you. As one of the first providers of intuitive plant inventory management, our LumIdent service is proof that we create real customer value.


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