SITECO Connect.
Indoor areas

Lighting has never been so intelligent.

SITECO Connect for indoor areas opens up the full potential of your lighting system. Sensor-based control saves energy and extends luminaire service life through targeted dimming. On the other hand, the needs-based increase in illuminance creates more visibility and safety, if necessary Lighting management systems automate control, create transparency and thereby optimize operations – so you can focus on what really matters 

Local controls.

The SITECO Connect portfolio for local control makes operation foolproof. Additional intelligence in the control system is supplied by the sensor portfolio: using different sensor types such as motion sensors or presence sensors, the control system automatically adjusts the lighting requirement – and it does this for detection areas up to 64m2. Commissioning is quick and easy thanks to Smart Remote. This improves efficiency, reduces energy consumption and operating costs, and is a simple way to extend the life of the luminaire. 

The SITECO Connect Wireless portfolio offers maximum flexibility: Commissioning and switching via radio-based control. To achieve this, a radio module is simply integrated into the luminaire, which communicates with a radio-based light switch on the wall or smartphone. This solution significantly improves ease of use and eliminates the need for time-consuming cable work during installation. This makes it ideal for modern office and industrial environments or any area where it is not possible to retrofit with cables.

Connected control.

SITECO Connect I/O allows us to create full transparency, control and ease of operation – from individual rooms to entire buildings and beyond. The DALI control standard, integrated sensor technology, digital interfaces and a lighting solution integrated into the main building management system is our answer to the lighting requirements of tomorrow. We design the lighting management system precisely to your needs: whether for individual rooms, entire buildings or multiple locations. This provides the transparency and control needed to optimize operations and enhance productivity. And most of all: to maximize the ease of use for the user.

SITECO Connect I/O controls or regulates the lighting based on movement-, presence- and daylight sensors, saves energy and simultaneously extends the service life of the luminaires via automatic dimming or temporary switching off. Programmed light scenes create ideal lighting conditions for various applications and increase the visual comfort, safety and well-being. The diverse monitoring and analysis data also provide an excellent overview of the system, operating states, pending maintenance activities, energy consumption, etc. Via interface, SITECO Connect I/O is also easily compatible with common building automation systems. The lighting control is thereby linked to the controls of other systems such as ventilation, heating and solar protection.

Beyond Lighting.

We transform the light source into a multifunctional basis for value-added applications that goes far beyond pure lighting. With our lighting solutions such as the Licross trunking system, we lay the foundation for the connected future of our customers. This infrastructure already opens up a multitude of new possibilities for integrating a wide range of digital and IoT applications into your building – regardless of manufacturer thanks to open interfaces. The best example: the new UVC air cleaning insert for our trunking systems, an unobtrusive and reliable way to significantly improve room hygiene in closed spaces.


SITECO Connect Digital turns the trunking system into a data cable. Open lines in the Licross trunking system enable high-speed data transmission to the device of your choice, providing maximum connectivity via wifi, Bluetooth or UWB. Communication via loudspeakers and microphones is also possible without additional cabling thanks to SITECO Connect Audio. With SITECO Connect Vision, we offer a  system for controlling the number of people in enclosed spaces that works more precisely and reliably thanks to our experience in presence sensor technology; at the same time, it eliminates the need for complex data protection requirements or cable work. Whatever the future brings, our infrastructure ensures you are well prepared for the applications of tomorrow.



SITECO is a solutions provider. With innovative services that span planning and customer-specific programming to commissioning and monitoring of our networking solutions, we offer everything to make our solutions as easy as possible for you.

We identify your needs, plan the solution and implement it – so that you can focus on what matters. SITECO is your partner for turn-key solutions.


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