For us, Human Centric Lighting is more than a definition.

On paper, anyone can do HCL these days. We transform it into reality. HCLlive is our promise to achieve the greatest benefit from Human Centric Lighting in your application situation. We support you along the way with everything from integrated planning to installation and commissioning through to fine-tuning.

An integrated approach for top performance.

Light influences our body visually, emotionally and biologically. It helps to regulate our inner clock. Individual well-being and performance can be significantly enhanced with color temperature, illuminance and light dynamics. We’ve developed an approach that takes into account all the relevant factors for maximum effect: SITECO HCLlive

Technology is only the basis.

To create an effective HCL solution, planning, configuration, installation and calibration must be perfectly matched to the individual circumstances. The HCLlive Configurator helps us ask the critical questions to determine the perfect HCLlive solution for your individual project. This provides us with details of the structural implementation and your individual HCL light curve, which we then realize with our SITECO Connect control solutions. The result: precise parameters for optimized control of color temperature, illuminance and light dynamics.


Rainer Wrenger
Application Manager - HCLlive

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