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Maximum visual comfort for athletes, fans and spectators and perfect lighting quality for broadcasting magical sports moments to the whole world: For more than 150 years, SITECO stands for exceptional lighting technology and lighting solutions - designed and engineered in Germany.

Absolutely record-breaking!

Planning is everything - as the Saturn Arena Ingolstadt project shows. Thanks to the delivery of prefabricated luminaires and perfect interaction between the planning office, the electrical contractor and us, a new LED lighting system was created within three weeks in which emotions can really shine. Absolutely record-breaking!


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Team Sustainability

  • Reduction of the total power from 35.2 kW to 17.1 kW (corresponds to a saving of about 51%)
  • Illuminance of 300 lux
  • Uniformity of 0.74, according to the requirements of the Royal Dutch Hockey Association (KNHB)

This is the great result of the refurbishment of the field hockey field in Rijssen-Holten by converting metal halide lamps to modern LED luminaires FL 11 maxi pro - an investment that pays off from day 1. 

Thank you for the great cooperation between SITECO and LI Sports.

Red Card for Rising Energy Prices

Save money, but not on lighting quality -  FSV Teutonia Obernau thought so too and invested in a state-of-the-art lighting system with FL 11 maxi. And now saves more than 55% in energy costs with every hour of operation. How does that work? It's simple!


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Best light for the 3rd German Football League

In a dynamic world of professional sports, staying ahead of the game means adapting to change and continuously striving for improvement. This mantra certainly rings true for SC Verl, the third division soccer club based in Germany. In its relentless pursuit of excellence, SC Verl has recently embarked on a significant upgrade, casting a brilliant light over its stadium with the installation of the state-of-the-art floodlight SIRUS from SITECO.


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