Upgrade Kit - 
Streetlight SL 10 and SL 11 Plus.

Upgrading - why?

Save resources. Lower your costs.
Years ago, you invested in a Streetlight SL 10 or SL 11 Plus? Great! The luminaires are built to last on the outside thanks to their weatherproof aluminum housing —  and all the technical components on the inside are quickly and easily exchanged.

Leave 80% of the luminaires on the mast and simply replace the LED module and ECG: This is sustainability in action! You’d like to save energy without expending much effort? Then it’s time for an upgrade!

Contact us - and upgrade now!

Significantly lower your operating costs, reduce energy consumption up to 61%, realize huge cost savings compared with purchasing new, and conserve resources in the process: All this is possible with just one upgrade.

Even better:
With our luminaires, you only replace individual components — and once done, you’ve immediately met all legal requirements. Cost effective and easy to do.

Available light colors: 1,800 K | 2,200 K | 2,700 K | 3,000 K | 4,000 K | 5,000 K


An upgrade pays off. Right from the start.

Calculation example when replacing the LED module. System with SL 10 mini.

Upgrade sounds good, but how?

Really easily with us!

Would you like to replace an LED module? Or an LED module plus ECG? No matter what you decide to do, exchanging components is quick and effortless thanks to SITECO Auto Match.

How much work can we take off your hands?

A lot of work on the table? No staff for assembly? Do you need project support? On request, we can accompany the entire process and replace the components with our trained service personnel. 

Let's get started!

Upgrade à la SITECO.
In the blink of an eye.

Saving energy with an upgrade sounds good - but do you dread having to laboriously read out and manually transfer operating hours, dimming settings etc.? No need: SITECO upgrades are lightning fast and very straightforward!

With SITECO Auto-Match, it's really easy. Because the ECG and LED board communicate with each other: as soon as a new element is added to the luminaire, it automatically receives all the necessary settings and information from the system. You don't have to do anything else!

Note: Luminaires with SITECO ECGs do not need to be reset as Auto-Match automatically transfers the data.

Saving energy in three steps

1. Replace ECG 

2. Switch on the luminaire - data matching is completed (SITECO Auto Match) - switch off the luminaire

3. Exchange LED module

When switchting the luminaire on again the data synchronization is completed.

Both components have adopted the settings of the old luminaire. If only one component is replaced, the data synchronization does not need to be considered separately, as this is carried out the next time the luminaire is restarted.

Switch to modern LED technology now.

To lower your costs, consume less energy and boost your efforts to protect the environment.

The SITECO Upgrade-Kit for SL 10 and SL 11 Plus - download the flyer now.