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For products with a rated life ≥ 50,000 operating hours, SITECO grants a warranty for a period of 5 years in accordance with the warranty conditions. This warranty applies to all LED modules, LED control gear and other LED components used in luminaires for which a rated life of 50,000 operating hours or more is specified in the technical documentation.

For products with a rated life < 50,000 operating hours, SITECO warrants for a period of 3 years in accordance with the warranty conditions. This warranty applies to all LED modules, LED control gear and other LED components used in luminaires for which a rated life of less than 50,000 operating hours is specified in the technical documentation.

The warranty period begins at the time of installation, but no later than three months after delivery by SITECO.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  • The products are used in accordance with the product information and application instructions.
  • The product is not exposed to any mechanical loads.
  • If maintenance work is required according to the installation and operating instructions, their execution is documented.
  • Limit values for temperatures and voltages must not be exceeded.
  • This warranty only covers product failures caused by material, design or production faults.
  • This warranty applies exclusively to mortality above the nominal failure rate of 0.2% per 1,000 operating hours. A decrease in luminous flux of up to 0.6% per 1,000 operating hours is normal and therefore no reason for claiming the warranty.
  • When replacing LED modules, there may be deviations in the light characteristics due to changes in the luminous flux of LED modules operated for usage reasons and in the course of technical progress.
  • The stated service life is achieved if the luminaires are operated in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer, the underlying standards and the applicable regulations.
  • This warranty covers all relevant deliveries after 1 July 2010, but not tunnel luminaires.

This warranty is void if any changes or repairs are made to LED Lights and LED Modules without the prior written consent of SITECO.

Warranty services

In the event of failures exceeding the rated failure rate, SITECO reserves the right to repair the defective components, supply replacement products or credit the customer with defective components. All additional costs incurred in connection with the warranty (e.g. for disassembly and reassembly, shipment of the defective product, disposal, travel times, lifting equipment and scaffolding) shall be borne by the customer. Other costs, which are caused e.g. by the failure of the installation or other damages as well as consequential damages are not covered by this guarantee. SITECO shall continue to provide warranty services until the warranty period of the original delivery has expired. The components or products returned to SITECO become the property of SITECO in the event of a warranty claim.

The warranty claim can be asserted by any person against presentation of the invoice issued on him for the products described above, which are installed in a country of the European Community, in Macedonia, in Switzerland, in Finland, in Norway and in Turkey.

The warranty claim must be announced immediately valid after the occurrence of a defect by written notification in case of

Siteco GmbH
Complaint management
Georg-Simon-Ohm-Straße 50
83301 Traunreut

SITECO reserves the right to verify the validity of the warranty claim in accordance with the warranty conditions.

This guarantee does not limit the contractual or legal claims of the buyer which he may assert against the seller or the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Allgemeine Bedingungen 

  • Keine Registrierung erforderlich. 
  • Die 5-Jahresgarantie gilt für die Leuchte und das zugehörige EVG. 
  • SITECO behält sich das Recht vor, über die Gültigkeit des Garantieanspruchs zu entscheiden. Zu diesem Zweck sendet der Kunde die fehlerhaften Leuchten ausreichend frankiert zur Analyse zurück (fügen Sie eine Kopie des Lieferscheins oder der Rechnung hinzu).

Folgende Regeln gelten: 

  • Die Garantie gilt nur im Falle eines vollständigen Ausfalls oberhalb einer standardmäßigen Ausfallquote von 0,2% pro 1000 Betriebsstunden.
  • Im Falle des vollständigen Versagens oberhalb der standardmäßigen Ausfallquote ersetzt SITECO diese Leuchten kostenlos oder erstellt eine Gutschrift für Leuchten, die nachweislich aufgrund von Material- oder Herstellungsfehlern während des Garantiezeitraums versagt haben.
  • Die Garantie gilt nur, wenn die Leuchten innerhalb der erlaubten Spezifikationen verwendet werden (entsprechend dem Datenblatt) und wenn die Leuchten entsprechend den beiliegenden Bedienungsanweisungen installiert, in Betrieb genommen und fachgerecht genutzt wurden. Grenzen der Temperaturwerte (Referenztemperaturen bei Leuchten) und Spannungswerte dürfen nicht überschritten werden.
  • Aufgrund technischer Verbesserungen und der Änderung des Lichtstroms des Produkts während des normalen Gebrauchs können Abweichungen der Spezifikationen des Ersatzproduktes im Vergleich zum Originalprodukt auftreten.
  • Gesetzliche Garantieansprüche sind von dieser Garantie nicht betroffen und gelten unabhängig und parallel zu dieser.
  • Diese Garantie gilt nur für die EU. Die Garantieansprüche werden von dem SITECO-Büro im jeweiligen Land bearbeitet.

You can download the complete warranty statement in one document here .

Product return and disposal

Product return in accordance with WEEE / ElektroG

In accordance with EU legislation, the companies of the SITECO Group have concluded agreements for the return and disposal of old products.

In Germany, for example, SITECO has commissioned ISD Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH, Cologne, to receive and dispose of old products at its own expense.

SITECO only assumes the disposal obligation for products placed on the market from 13.08.2005 onwards. The corresponding luminaires are marked with a crossed-out dustbin and a black bar underneath. The costs of delivery to the collection points are borne by the last owner. The alternative Interseroh collection points available to the last owner can be obtained from INTERSEROH.

The SITECO old lights marked according to the ElektroG will be taken back as of 24.03.2006. The last owner must ensure that the marked luminaires are returned and disposed of exclusively by the disposal company commissioned by SITECO.

Siteco GmbH is registered with the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Register (EAR) under the registration number DE84791082.

Download leaflet WEEE      Download Recycling Certificate


The packaging legislation obliges first distributors of sales packaging to register their packaging for collection and recycling with a dual system within the framework of producer responsibility.

The Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) dates back to 1991 and has been repeatedly amended since then; it lays down detailed regulations for the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act. The aim of the ordinance is to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste and to promote the reuse or recycling of packaging.

A dual system is a collection system that ensures that used sales packaging is disposed of free of charge throughout Germany in all private households and for private end consumers.

Return of sales packaging of commercial customers

For transport packaging (§ 4 VerpackV), secondary packaging (§ 5 VerpackV) and sales packaging that accumulates at commercial end consumers (§ 7 VerpackV), participation in a recognised dual disposal system is not possible or necessary.

Return and recycling of this packaging must rather be organised by the parties themselves. No recovery quotas are to be adhered to. In principle, the supplier of the packaged goods is obliged to take back the empty packaging for all such commercial packaging.

With contract number 80048, Interseroh is the contractual partner of Siteco GmbH as the operator of such a take-back system.
With a nationwide recycling and logistics network of around 600 certified disposal partners, Interseroh organises regular collection from over 100,000 commercial sources throughout Germany in a smooth process, as well as resource-conserving recycling.

Unter our customers can easily and conveniently have the nearest waste disposal partner displayed. At the same place you will find the leaflet on the disposal of transport packaging.

Download leaflet Packaging disposal