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The larger and more complex a system, the more important it is to have simple tools to manage it. And that’s exactly what the SITECO iQ app offers: a cutting-edge, three-step service solution that lets you put your luminaire infrastructure into operation, then monitor and manage it. In short, the SITECO iQ app digitalizes the handling of outdoor lighting. Customers like you benefit from the greater convenience, greater number of options and greater time savings — and all with a single tool.

Managing data doesn´t have to be complicated.

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  • Modification of the luminaire function by the user to suit the individual situation on site.
  • Professional data management, i.e. information is collected in the background in a single operation, but is also available in a format tailored to requirements.

iQ Tools

Get basic information

  • Fast identify luminaires via QR code (digital nameplate)
  • Easily inventory luminaires via QR code
  • Determine luminaire type/equipment (e.g. light distribution)
  • View data sheet, installation instructions, photometric test results
  • Available via standard QR scan app or iQ app

When using the iQ-Tools (i.e. luminaires are inventoried): With the inventory of the luminaires via the iQ-Tools, further individual information is available. Specific details can be added by the user, e.g. on the mounting situation on site in picture and text.

Prepare and manage via webtool

  • Create users and grant permissions
  • Create structure over different areas     
  • Create parameterizations in advance
  • Prepare work packages
  • Get an overview of the plant via luminaire cadastre
  • View recorded luminaires on PC incl. geo-position (table or map view)
  • File export of luminaire data

Log in

Set luminaires and check data via iQ app

  • View and change luminaire profile settings and transfer them to luminaires (Smart Wire, Night-Set, Lumen-Switch, Color-Switch)
  • Easily check parameterization wirelessly, read out data and thus find errors
  • Digitize luminaire inventory & create luminaire cadastre, add individual information in words and pictures
  • Make and document settings


Download SITECO iQ App (iOS)

Download SITECO iQ App (Android)

App functionalities at a glance

One click on the icons - get all the information you need. 

The benefits of taking stock of your inventory:
Inventorying allows you to add additional important information to your luminaire data such as the location of the luminaire, its installation date and the ty pe of installation – all digitally. At the same time, carrying out an inventory is the required first step for using other iQ functions.

SITECO luminaires have a LumIdent sticker with a QR code that contains all the technical information about the luminaire. Simply scan the code and assign luminaires to
your organization.

Tip: Place the QR-Code sticker on the inside of the mast door so all the data is available at all times without having to use a cherry picker.


You can conveniently manage inventoried luminaires using the iQ app or the web tool on a PC. Both ways let you access all important information at all times.

Desk-Remote: Configuring in the workshop.* You can easily configure luminaires before they leave the workshop using the SITECO iQ handheld device.

*Important: When configuring, ensure the luminaires do not have an electrical current.


Street-Remote: Configuring on the road.* If the luminaires have already been mounted, you can check and adjust the settings on location using a cell phone or the SITECO iQ handheld device. No other devices or cables are needed. (This setting option is available for iQ luminaires equipped with the professional add-on Street-Remote.)

*Important: When configuring, ensure the luminaires are switched on.

Tips & tricks


Inventory older SITECO luminiares to the iQ app

Do you have older SITECO luminaires that were not supplied with a LumIdent QR code? Find out how you can deal with the iQ app in this case.

You can find step by step instructions here

Inventory SITECO luminaires delivered in individual parts.

Do you have decorative luminaires with Module 540 that are delivered in individual parts? In order for the luminaires to be displayed as a complete luminaire in the iQ App, all components can be inventoried.

Our instructions show you how that works

Inventory existing luminaires after upgrading to Module 540 iQ

Have you recently upgraded to Module 540 iQ and now want to control the luminaire via the iQ app? We show you how to add the luminaire to the app.

You can find step by step instructions here


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All at a glance

A simple start with the iQ Quick Start Guide.

SITECO iQ Quick Start Guide - download now