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SITECO Connect Wireless Outdoor is the powerful, proven and modular radio system for control and monitoring in outdoor areas. It includes radio controls and motion detectors that comply with the D4i and Zhaga Book 18 standards. This makes them the perfect complement to SITECO luminaires with a Smart Interface. The system enables the implementation of both local and self-sufficient networks, i.e. without cellular or internet connection, as well as lighting controls with remote access. A user-friendly software interface with many control and monitoring functions is available for this. The system has a modular structure and accompanies SITECO customers from a simple local installation to complex supraregional expansion stages.

Controlling and monitoring via radio

SITECO Connect Wireless Outdoor Smart Plug

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Article luminaire controller


Radio networking between luminaires among themselves
Additional feature with Smart Plug Cellular: provision of the time via GPS for control by time and calendar
Either with remote access or purely local wireless network
Compatible with the Smart Interface, D4i and Zhaga book 18

Configuration & Datasheets


SITECO Connect Wireless, Smart Plug

Order No.: 5EA3AM000001 GTIN (EAN): 4058352404607
ArticleWt. (kg)
Smart Plug0.1

SITECO Connect Wireless, Smart Plug Cellular

Order No.: 5EA3CM000001 GTIN (EAN): 4058352571590
ArticleWt. (kg)
Smart Plug Cellular0.1

SITECO Connect Wireless, Smart Plug

Order No.: 5EA3AM000001GTIN (EAN): 4058352404607

ArticleSmart Plug
Wt. (kg)0.1

SITECO Connect Wireless, Smart Plug Cellular

Order No.: 5EA3CM000001GTIN (EAN): 4058352571590

ArticleSmart Plug Cellular
Wt. (kg)0.1

Optional accessory

ArticleUSB StickPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.1Order No.: 5EAU0A000001GTIN (EAN): 4058352404676Show details
ArticleSIM ExtentionPU Wt. (kg) Order No.: 5EA1ES01Show details