Silica® 11 Floor

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The Silica® 11 Floor is suitable for height-adjustable tables and four-person workstations, which are illuminated uniformly and in accordance with the standard in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1. The direct and indirect components can be switched and dimmed separately. The floorstanding luminaire enables high luminous flux with low glare and is very efficient thanks to its extremely precise light distribution. Automatic control takes place via integrated daylight and presence sensors. Various base plates and table adaptations are available on request.

Compact, simple, well thought out - office lighting in a new light

Silica® 11 Floor Duo

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Articolo apparecchio di illuminazione a stelo
Effetto di illuminazione a distribuzione indiretta/diretta simmetrica, 40°
Flusso luminoso netto 24930lm
Temperatura di colore 4000K
Controllo DALI


Apparecchio a stelo per completare la famiglia, per una soluzione di illuminazione uniforme e una configurazione dello spazio elegante grazie alla componente luminosa indiretta

Configuration & Datasheets


Silica® 11 Floor duo

Cod. articolo: 5MX51BS8WZK00006XX GTIN (EAN): 4058352374597
Temperatura di coloreResa del coloreFlusso luminosoPotenza allacciataEfficienza luminosaControlloColorePeso (kg)Prezzo (CHF)
4000KCRI > 8024930lm155W161lm/WDALIbianco traffico (RAL 9016)21,03402,00

Silica® 11 Floor duo

Cod. articolo: 5MX51BS8WZK00006XXGTIN (EAN): 4058352374597

Temperatura di colore4000K
Resa del coloreCRI > 80
Flusso luminoso24930lm
Potenza allacciata155W
Efficienza luminosa161lm/W
Colorebianco traffico (RAL 9016)
Peso (kg)21,0
Prezzo (CHF)3402,00