on-site setting and diagnostics of luminaires

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Siteco® Service Box WiFi

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Article Siteco® Service Box WiFi

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  • for parameterising of installed luminaires: luminaire cable with corresponding plug-in coupling is required ('cable set')
  • software download for free under: www.siteco.com/servicebox


Order No.: 5EA6TEF02GTIN (EAN): 4058352017357
Siteco® Service Box

Order No.: 5EA6TEF02GTIN (EAN): 4058352017357

ArticleSiteco® Service Box

Optional accessory

ArticleY cable for Service Box, with plugPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.8Order No.: 5EA6Y2A1GTIN (EAN): 4058352017371Show details
Articlecable set, workshop, for Siteco® Service Box WiFiPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.8Order No.: 5EA6Y2F1GTIN (EAN): 4058352017395Show details
Articlecable set, DALI, for Siteco® Service Box WiFiPU1 pc.Wt. (kg)0.8Order No.: 5EA6Y2D1GTIN (EAN): 4058352017388Show details