Licross® 11/21 for local control


Stay flexible: The modular system of Licross® enables any configuration of the sensors according to your individual requirements. Changes in use are also easy for the Licross® sensors, so today's high-bay warehouse can already be a free logistics space tomorrow. Regardless of the application, you will always receive the optimal, economical solution thanks to specialized sensors. At the same time, Licross® sensors are true energy saving miracles: with daylight-dependent control you save up to 20%, with movement-dependent control even up to 80% in energy costs. 45 years of experience – trunking Made in Germany perfected in our Licross® trunking system. The one-for-all concept offers a variety of luminaire inserts and functional expansion options for maximum flexibility and future compatibility. With its unique 14 cores, the rail system becomes the backbone of the building infrastructure and is ready for a wide range of applications - today and tomorrow. The luminaire inserts offer outstanding lighting technology with up to 200lm/W for low operating costs as well as SITECO-typical optics technology for the best viewing conditions. Various extensions from sensor to UVC air disinfection device open up a broad horizon of applications far from lighting, which create additional added value.

Simple standalone solution