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A revolutionary floodlight system for sports and area lighting with unrivaled performance, efficiency and light quality. The high-performance floodlight Sirius® sets records in terms of performance with up to 309,000lm. Thanks to our full cut-off technology, the impossible becomes possible and stray light is cut off through perfect light bundling. The light immission is only < 3% in vertical alignment - in horizontal even 0%. With a TLCI value of 96 at 5,700K, realistic colour rendering is guaranteed - for broadcasters this means minimal post-processing effort. The ECGs of the modular driver system allow the 4 LED modules to be controlled separately – also via DALI/DMX.

A dream of a floodlight


Available as a tunable white version or full spectrum luminaire in RGB+W
Colour fastness thanks to colour mixing within the reflector or lens
Creation and retrieval of scenes as well as colour gradients via app (radio-based control)
ECG integrated in the housing, whereby the cable is already pre-assembled with a plug-socket system for time-saving installation
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Configuration & Datasheets


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Mandatory accessory

Articlemounting bracket, for 1 LED unit (1/2 luminaire head)PU1 pc.Wt. (kg)4.7Price (EUR)334.80Order No.: 5XA71000XFGTIN (EAN): 4058352357774Show details