A revolutionary floodlighting system for sports and planar lighting with unmatched performance, efficiency and quality of light. The Sirius® high power floodlight scores top marks in terms of lumen output with up to 309,000lm. Thanks to our full-cut-off technology, the impossible becomes possible and light spill is cut off by perfect light focusing. Light immission is < 3% in the vertical axis – with a mere 0% in the horizontal. With a TLCI value of 96 at 5700K, true-to-life colour rendering is guaranteed – for broadcasters this means minimal post-production complexity. The ECGs of the modular driver system enable separate control of the four LED modules – also via DALI/DMX. The Sirius® high-end solution is safeguarded fourfold, and even if one of the ECGs fails the luminaire still generates 75% of its lumen output. We offer Sirius® in three versions with wattages of up to 2000W, up to 1000W and up to 500W.

Sirius® A dream of a floodlight.