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Great moments, perfect light.

The SIRIUS floodlight family combines sports and event lighting in a single system. For unforgettable moments and that spine-tingling feeling. Because the new floodlight has all the features on board to turn sport from pure competition into a real experience: SIRIUS means top-flight sport. The floodlight effortlessly meets all current FIFA and UEFA standards. Only when they have optimum lighting and the highest levels of visual comfort are athletes able to call up their best performances and referees make correct decisions. 
SIRIUS evokes emotions. Thanks to integrated DMX RDM control, the floodlight can play programmed lighting scenes and dynamic light in addition to pure sports lighting. Everything in one system.
And SIRIUS delivers brilliant TV images. With excellent color rendering and flicker-free super slow-motion, this family of floodlights has all the features necessary for modern, high-quality sports broadcasting in the era of Ultra HD and 4K.

At a glance

  • Integrated system for sports and event lighting (DMX RDM)
  • 1:1-replacement for classic floodlight systems (2 kW HQI TS)
  • >compliance with all current FIFA-/UEFA guidelines
  • high efficiency with precise light distribution (12 possible optics)
  • excellent colour rendering and flicker-free super slow motion for TV broadcasts
  • Simple installation thanks to low weight and plug&play

Light for the big TV moments

SIRIUS is a safe investment. The floodlight not only creates ideal viewing conditions for athletes, it also ideally supports the work of cameramen and sports broadcasters. With its light, the floodlight family provides the basis for optimum picture quality at home in front of the television.

This is made possible by a Television Lighting Concistency Index (TLCI) of 96, or in short: by brilliant near-natural color reproduction, which makes a correction of the image material completely superfluous. Another quality feature: SIRIUS provides flicker-free light for super slow motion - for undisturbed emotional moments on the screen.

Tailor-made for your stadium

The SIRIUS family effortlessly replaces conventional 2000 Watt turbines (HQI TS) in an efficient, environmentally friendly and flexible way. Thanks to the integrated silver reflectors, SIRIUS brings its light to the playing field in a highly efficient and precisely directed manner. Scattered light is minimised. Twelve available light distributions from extremely narrow to wide beam allow individual planning for almost any type of stadium - from the classic 4-mast system to the World Cup arena.