CL LED Linear 60/ 90 - Flexibility and simple mounting

The wall and ceiling surface-mounted luminaires and linear systems of the CL LED series set walls and architectural details perfectly in scene and define peripheral spatial surfaces. During the day the luminaires take a back seat and with their design integrate themselves unobtrusively within the architectural concept.

An outstanding feature of the luminaires is the purist, integrative and simultaneously highly functional design. Both systems for wall and ceiling surface-mounting consist of one basis module and a luminaire head of the same dimensions and form. Both components match perfectly to form a closed unit.

The diverse configurations and variants offer a high level of flexibility for design purposes in context with the architecture. Our engineers also focused on a service-friendly, convenient and sustainable solution with easy installation, by implementing the concept of basic module and luminaire head as a modular system.

  • quality of light and visual comfort
    High efficiency lighting technology specifically developed for LEDs, with clean cut-offs for precise illumination of horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Efficiency
    Long operating life for housing of qualitative, robust diecast aluminium and for the LED module (50,000 hours)
  • Flexibility
    Diverse variants -  two lengths ( 60/ 90 cm), two light colours (3000K/ 4000K), three beam angles (symmetric narrow, wide and asymmetric), mounting variant for ceilings or walls
  • Design
    IF Design Award 2008 for the complete family
  • easy mounting
    Siteco® Adjustment Module for compensating for unevenness, Easy Mounting System for simple fixing of luminaire head to the mounting module

Further informations
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