CombiSol is a further development of the micro sun shielding louvre. It is the first louvre system to combine high quality solar protection with reliable glare protection.

CombiSol completely eliminates glare from direct sunlight. The system thus fulfils maximum optical requirements for example for offices and control rooms.

The special feature is the construction of the system with two areas: only light from a northern direction passes through the outer into the inner layer. This is formed like the specular louvre of a luminaire, and controls and guides the light at an angle of less than 65 degrees into the interior.

Even though the view towards the outside is limited by the system, the connection to outside is not completely disrupted. The high quality specular louvre takes on the colour of the background and does not modify the changing colours of daylight. As such, viewers can enjoy the changing weather and light atmospheres without glare and with an optimal room climate.

Technical data

max. dimensionsapprox. 2.20 x 3.00 m or approx. 1.50 x 4.00 m
total energy transmittance rateg = 12%
directed light transmissionTau = 0 - 45%
diffuseTau = 13%
colour rendering indexRa = 97
coefficient of heat transmissionU = 1.4 - 1.7 W/m²K
intermediate space between panesSZR = 24 mm

- Hamburger Hochbahn Control Centre