Well-being and efficiency with Siteco daylight systems

With the innovative daylight systems from Siteco, natural sunlight can be optimally utilised with all its inherent advantages.

In contrast to other solar protection facilities, daylight systems allow natural light to flow in and do not create dark areas. At the same time they afford protection from glare caused by direct sunlight that inhibits people in terms of well-being or with their work.

The benefits of Siteco daylight systems at a glance:

  • pleasant room light with low glare and outstanding colour rendering
  • rooms with space and a view to the outside
  • saving energy and operating costs with lighting and air-conditioning
  • individual concepts and adaptation to any building
  • high quality, durable and with low maintenance or even without maintenance
  • a guarantee for optimal light results in combination with luminaires and light management (LMS)

The principle of reflection

Daylight systems from Siteco make use of the physical laws of reflection, absorption and refraction to perfectly illuminate rooms and avoid excessive warmth. Energy consumption for artificial lighting and air-conditioning is reduced and room comfort is improved.

All Siteco daylight systems reflect directly occurring 'hot' sunlight, and only diffuse 'cool' daylight is allowed to penetrate. The basis for this is a directionally-dependent transition behaviour: the transition area is directed to the zenith and the northern hemisphere and the blocked area to the sunlight.

Four solutions for greater room comfort and less energy consumption
- movable prismatic systems
- stationary prismatic systems
- micro sun shielding louvre
- Combisol