Movable prism systems

Moveable prismatic plates on the facade offer solar protection and control the daylight: sunlight coming at right angles is reflected while daylight entering from other directions is guided into the room.

The matt prismatic plates are arranged as lamellae and installed to building facades and onto roofs. These reduce excessive luminance in the window areas and create ergonomic illumination and also a comfortable light atmosphere.

A microprocessor controls not only the alignment of the plates according to the position of the sun, but also processes weather data: with cloudy skies the lamellae are automatically set to ensure maximum light transmission and view. If required, the automatic control can be supplemented with manual command inputs.

Moveable prismatic plates can be installed vertically to facades or horizontally upon glass-canopied courtyards or glass roofs. They consist of highly transparent plexiglass (PMMA), are matt and weather-resistant.

Technical data

dimensions of prismatic element310x750x12 mm
total energy transmittance rateg = < 12%
light transmission
- with solar protection function
- in horizontal position

Tau = > 54%
Tau = 74%

- casualty hospital, Linz
- Landhaus Tirol, Innsbruck