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Bavaria's most sustainable congress centre relies on LED lighting solutions from SITECO

The marinaforum in Regensburg, one of most modern and sustainable conference and convention centers in Bavaria, opened in April 2018. This is not a completely new building; instead, the listed structure of a former slaughterhouse has been sympathetically reused. One of its exemplary features is a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system which uses ground water for eco-friendly heating and cooling. Its sustainable credentials are further enhanced by the LED lighting systems designed by SITECO. They provide the highest quality of light, efficiency and durability while bringing the historic architecture to the fore.

The marinaforum in Regensburg is not only an ultra-modern conference and congress center with state-of-the art event facilities and building systems but also a prime example of the contemporary use of historical buildings.

The former main building of the Old Slaughterhouse, also known as the Zollinger Hall after architect Friedrich Zollinger, forms the heart of the marinaforum. It comprises the Large Forum covering around 600 m2 with space for up to 750 people, the Small Forum with space for up to 170 people, and 11 workshop rooms which can be used individually or in combination. The sun-drenched foyer and the surrounding open gallery round off the unique architecture. A particular eye-catcher is the wooden ceiling that stretches across the entire building. Its Zollinger slatted construction is visible wherever you go in the building and has a maximum height of 15 meters. A special LED system from SITECO highlights the Zollinger ceiling in the Large Forum and in the Small Forum to perfection – and SITECO LED luminaires provide the ideal symbiosis of light and space, attractiveness and functionality in many other places in the marinaforum.

Linear lighting with silica LED luminaires - as pendant luminaire or in project-specific recessed version

Linear LED light is used in the marinaforum mainly in the intermediate areas, such as the underside of the gallery, in the large concert hall and also in the long corridors as accent lighting. In the entire building around 130 meters of SITECO Silica LED luminaires have been installed. They combine attractive minimalist design with a standard length of 280 mm and can be linked to create a run of any length. The pendant version of Silica, offering direct and indirect lighting, is used in the bar, in the offices and in the cloakroom with the vaulted ceiling. The longest Silica installation in the marinaforum extends for 36.4 meters – a recessed version specially developed for this project on the ground floor along the corridor to the Small Forum. An end-to-end diffused cover creates a particularly uniform and discreet appearance.

Special Lunis LED pendant downlights for the Zollinger ceiling

e Large Forum and the Small Forum feature a total of 228 Lunis LED downlights installed in surface-mount housings, converted into pendant luminaires and suspended from the center of the crosses in the vaulted Zollinger ceiling. They blend beautifully with the ceiling and provide brilliant illumination for the forum areas below. In both forums the LED downlights have a color temperature of 4,000 K – but different emission angles: narrow beam for those installed at great heights to deliver sufficient light to the floor, and wide beam for those installed at relatively low heights such as the gallery.

Demand-oriented and efficient lighting control using DALI technology

All the SITECO LED luminaires installed in the marinaforum are equipped with DALI control gear and can be individually controlled. The luminaires can be dimmed individually or in groups depending on demand and the room situation. Different scenes can also be programmed, for example for lectures, conferences or events. The lighting control system is integrated in a KNX system, which among other things enables the energy consumption of the building to be monitored.

Other LED luminaires for marinaforum from complete solutions provider SITECO

Guests are welcomed in the reception hall in warm white light with a color temperature of 3,000 K from Lunis downlights, while attendees in the conference rooms enjoy lighting with very high visual comfort from Taris LED recessed luminaires with a color temperature of 4,000 K and a UGR of less than 19. SITECO also supplied high-efficiency, high-performance LED lighting solutions for all the ancillary rooms in the marinaforum – including Compact Monsun LED damp-proof luminaires for the equipment rooms, Ecopack LED strip lights for the staircases, changing rooms and workshops and LEDVALUX LED downlights for the washrooms.

Products used

Compact Monsun