Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

Exceptional workplace lighting supports the scientists of tomorrow

Anyone who investigates microscopically tiny things needs exceptional lighting conditions to see well while they work. And that’s exactly what SITECO lights now create in the BioCenter II at Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) in Mainz. Licross Performance luminaires provide lighting in the laboratories and Arktika pendant luminaires in the offices — and for good reason. “The luminaires are highly efficient and highly functional,” explains Andreas Dommasch, a SITECO project manager. The Licross inserts keep out dust and, thanks to their excellent light quality and glare control, also provide ideal lighting for working with displays. With their direct and indirect light elements, the Arktika luminaires create a pleasant working environment in the administrative area. Another advantage: Their slim, reduced appearance helps both luminaires fulfill JGU’s desire to have a high-quality solution that looks good.

And all around the new building, SITECO luminaires are also being used now. Streetlight SL 11 lighting was installed along the paths and access roads to the building. Everything from a single source for lighting technology.



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