City of Tampere, Finland

Versatile urban lighting with intelligence.

There are numerous benefits of innovative street lighting. Thanks to SITECO, the city of Tampere in southwest Finland has been able to save energy in recent years by using intelligent and highly efficient lighting solutions. Along with energy efficiency, real-time data transmission and the ability to link individual luminaires add to the user comfort. The reliability, broad product range and intelligent networking possibilities of the SITECO luminaires were the deciding factor for the city of Tampere. SITECO thus took over the lighting for many outdoor areas in Tampere, such as the park in Pyynikki, pedestrian zones in the Ruotula district, access roads in Lidesranta and Kaleva Park.



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City of Tampere Tampere, Finland Streetlight SL 20; Streetlight SL 11; Floodlight FL 20; DL®20; DL®30; SITECO Connect control solution 2018 - SITECO