Newly built. Illuminated for the future.

Municipality Merklingen, Germany

Trend setting and centrally managed.

Merklingen relies on state-of-the-art lighting technology in a new development area. In the future, all luminaires will be centrally controlled. And the lighting at the commuter parking lot on the ICE line will be dimmed according to traffic conditions.

  • Adjustable lighting for new development area and train station parking lot
  • Fixed and remotely adjustable night-time dimming
  • Increase in lighting level when motion is detected
  • Radio-networked luminaires enable switching and dimming in groups
  • Remote maintenance and central access to all luminaires
  • Fine-tuning as needed: continuous monitoring and optimization of lighting in terms of energy savings, traffic safety, light pollution and environmental protection




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Municipality Merklingen, Germany New development area + station parking lot, Merklingen SL 11 luminaires, SITECO Connect 11 incl. radio networked motion sensors  2021   SITECO