When all options
of energy saving are available.

Municipality of Steinheim am Albuch, Germany

Focusing on the optimum.

The municipality of Steinheim am Albuch demonstrates how to save energy. A complete district already has street lighting with motion sensors - individually programmed by local architects. Focus above all: maximum savings.  


  • Demand-oriented lighting for the entire district with all types of streets
  • Individually programmed night-time reduction with 20-30 % basic lighting level
  • Increase in lighting level when motion is detected
  • Illuminating the luminaires ahead via a fast radio network
  • Compliance with state environmental laws with environmentally friendly light color 3,000 K
  • Further savings potential through stronger dimming and partial switching off
  • All settings can be adjusted individually on site at any time




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Municipality Steinheim am Albuch, Germany Steinheim am Albuch, Germany SL 11 luminaires, SITECO Connect 21 incl. wireless motion sensors 2021   SITECO