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For the plus in occupational safety, well-being and competitiveness

No operation is like the other. But no matter whether automotive industry, metal and electrical industry, warehouse or logistics - people work everywhere. The right light ensures their safety and strengthens their personal well-being. If lighting is also efficient in daily operation, light becomes a real success factor.
Discover industrial lighting from SITECO. More than just light.


In production areas, light must first and foremost enable safe and error-free work. For the lighting solution, this means that a sufficient brightness level with high uniformity and as few reflections and shadows as possible is a basic requirement. The more intricate the task, the more and better the light required. In addition to general lighting, special precision work requires workplace-related luminaires in order to be able to carry out the respective work step smoothly.

At the same time, the luminaires themselves must be equipped for particularly demanding environments with heat, cold, dust or moisture. Appropriate protection classes and materials ensure adequate, long-lasting use in industrial applications. Particularly strict regulations apply in the food industry with high hygiene and quality standards. SITECO offers industrial lighting qualified to International Featured Standards (IFS), with particularly good colour rendering and protection against breakage and chipping, for example.

Lighting concepts that focus on people go one step further than purely normative specifications. Dynamic, biologically effective light ensures greater well-being for employees by using light colours to support concentration and regeneration.

Warehouse & logistics

In warehouses, every space must be used well. This leads to narrow aisles with sometimes very high shelves on both sides. There is no question that high-bay warehouses are practical and economical, but difficult to illuminate. For this purpose, SITECO has developed luminaires with coordinated light distributions that distribute their light evenly all the way down and ensure that goods are easily identifiable with sufficiently high vertical illuminance levels.

In view of the fact that storage areas are usually only used for short periods of time, the integration of sensors is also an option. Intelligent solutions from SITECO detect when employees are in the aisles and automatically regulate the lighting. This saves cash. 

In logistics zones with forklift traffic, man meets machine and interior meets exterior. The lighting design must take into account possible daylight as well as sufficient visibility to ensure safety at work for forklift drivers and employees.

With flexible solutions from SITECO, which combine basic lighting with point-directed solutions and switch artificial light sensor-based depending on the available daylight, individual, efficient solutions are created.

Company car parks and multi-storey car parks

Parking is also available on every company site. No matter how large or small, whether open-air parking spaces, underground car parks or employee multi-storey car parks - every form needs light that primarily promotes safety and orientation.  Well-lit parking areas minimise the risk of accidents, vertical illuminance levels ensure that faces are easily recognisable. This strengthens the subjective feeling of safety. 

Thanks to modern LED solutions, this does not contradict cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Intelligent luminaires in combination with lighting management systems regulate the lighting level according to normative specifications and available daylight. The result: short amortisation periods and low operating costs. This is why the refurbishment of old systems is also worthwhile. SITECO solutions are as individual as you are: from LED luminaires to solutions with simple motion sensors in multi-storey car parks to integration of the entire system in centrally controlled building management systems.

And of course parking can also have a good look. With dynamic lighting solutions from SITECO, you can stage architectural details and turn the facade of your multi-storey car park, for example, into a landmark and a highly visible advertisement for your company.

Holistic solutions for you

Your company does not end at the hall gate. Even administration buildings, break rooms, canteens and paths need lighting solutions tailored to your needs:

Motivating office lighting that provides the best possible support for the eyes when working with monitors.
Pleasant light that creates a relaxed atmosphere during breaks and lunches.
High-quality outdoor lighting that allows your employees to move safely and accident-free on factory premises and parking lots.
Perhaps even dynamic lighting accents that reflect your corporate design on the outside of building facades and turn your company premises into an eye-catcher.

The good news: 
At SITECO you get light for all applications from a single source - coordinated, durable solutions that not only convince in terms of light quality, but also ensure minimised energy and electricity costs in all areas throughout your entire company. Thanks to many years of experience in all these application areas, SITECO is a competent partner when it comes to light, accompanying you throughout the entire process. From the first planning steps to commissioning and beyond.

Application examples

Efficient lighting in Kotka, Finland

Linde Gas, Germany

Steelworks Kirow Leipzig, Germany