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Modern lighting control offers more than efficiency

The main reason for intelligent lighting control has been the energy saving for a long period of time. But cities, municipalities and companies today like to do more than just save electricity. Security and ecological sustainability are becoming increasingly important. LED Lighting combined with intelligent control, sensors and interfaces to existing systems of the customer offers the opportunity to meet all these requirements and needs with one solution - always tailor-made to individual specifications. Today as well as in the future.

Intelligent lighting control scores four times:

  • More energy savings: Dimming as needed reduces power consumption.
  • More safety: Adapted lighting levels and motion sensors increase safety for people, overview in traffic and protection against vandalism.
  • More sustainability: Dimming and partial off-times minimize light pollution and thus protect the environment and animals.
  • More efficiency: Diagnostic data and documentation optimize internal processes and streamline workflows.

The technical options at a glance:

  • Switch on/off by means of timer or day light sensor
  • Two-stage dimming (with control wire)
  • Multi-level dimming (by ECG)
  • Dimming depending on the movement
  • Operation, switching and dimming via a tele-management system

Tele-management with the Smart InterfaceSimple, safe and flexible with SITECO

By means of a tele-management system, the lighting can be controlled centrally. This now becomes particularly easy for SITECO customers: with the Smart Interface. SITECO outdoor luminaires can be equipped with a standardized interface according to Zhaga Book 18, which makes the luminaires compatible with all control systems of the same standard.

Your advantages with the Smart Interface:

  • Prepare for the future: Luminaires with Smart Interface are ready for the use of a tele-management system - immediately or only in the future.
  • Increase your flexibility: The tele-management-system may installed at any time – immediately or later. The installation is easily done because the standardized Smart Interface allows to plug the tele-management-system onto the luminaire without any tool.
  • Obtain more independence: Thanks to the Zhaga standard, SITECO customers may choose among many tele-management systems on the market and can also easily test them in advance with their luminaires.


    What is Zhaga?

    Zhaga is a worldwide association of luminaire manufacturers. The so-called "Zhaga Books" define standards such as the new Smart Interface. In Zhaga book 18 the new interface is described. It consists of the Smart Interface and the Smart Plugs.

    Setting, documentation and asset management of luminairesLumIdent: The digital service tool

    The larger luminaire installations become, the higher is the demand for tools which allow an easy commissioning and parameterization as well as a structured inventory and asset management. This is where LumIdent comes in: The service solution includes QR codes, an app and web tool for technical data, parameterization and documentation.

    Your advantages with LumIdent:


    The QR code allows to access luminaires’ technical data, e.g. the lumen package./p>


    The LumIdent App is used for easy parameterization of the luminaire, z. B. for the dimming level.


    LumIdent allows to diagnose the luminaire, e.g. by retrieving logged data from the ECG.


    An inventory management system can be created, which provides a quick overview of the installed luminaires.

    LumIdent QR code

    • Quick identification of the luminaire
    • Access to the electronic data sheet
    • By means of the LumIdent app or QR code scanners

    LumIdent app

    • Setting and retrieving the luminaire settings
    • Scanning the luminaires into the inventory
    • Diagnosis of luminaires

    LumIdent web tool

    • Display of the registered luminaires on the PC
    • Access to the luminaire inventory in table or map format
    • ptional file export into own inventories