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The ideal combination for a better quality of life and lower energy costs.

Modern lighting for urban outdoor spaces meets a wide range of requirements. It increases road safety and attractiveness, is durable and reliable, saves electricity and protects the environment. And thanks to integrated sensors, digital interfaces and modular design, luminaires today already have the future on board. Discover how SITECO supports good life in the city with good light.

Road lighting

Main traffic arteries, collection roads, service roads, residential areas: Technical street luminaires integrate unobtrusively into the context and score with high lighting quality, massive energy savings and individual control options. Local authorities also benefit from this when renovating their old street lamps.
Since more than half of all people worldwide live in cities, it is becoming increasingly important to make these cities as liveable as possible - and light plays a decisive role here. It minimises the risk of road traffic accidents and often makes individual areas safer.

At the same time, the ecological footprint of cities and municipalities is becoming increasingly important. Lighting must therefore make a mandatory contribution to a positive environmental balance, avoid light pollution and must not be a burden on municipal coffers when it comes to electricity costs.

SITECO has developed outdoor lighting that not only provides outstanding energy-efficient light, but also, in combination with a wide range of control options, opens up more comfort, more savings potential and more possibilities. With wireless technologies on board, lighting becomes the technical infrastructure for the whole city, enabling a whole new range of services - from the charging station for e-bikes to parking management and the collection of environmental data of all kinds.

City and park lighting

Urban lighting gives a city its unmistakable charm. It not only illuminates streets, but also creates atmosphere and puts architecture, structures and monuments in the right light. And: with its design, it often remains visible itself and part of the cityscape - day and night. With decorative masts, customer-specific colour variants or amber-coloured light, SITECO offers cities the opportunity for genuine individualisation.

Spotlights and floodlights stage historical sights - from churches and castles to monuments and the landmarks of modern times. SITECO works hand in hand with urban planners to create solutions that combine atmospheric light with technical innovation, environmental protection and low energy consumption.

Especially the latter is gaining importance in view of legal requirements and narrow municipal budgets. Aesthetically successful solutions that save energy and make life in cities easier or more worth living through integrated intelligence make citizens aware of a responsible use of resources and enhance their image.

Surface and facade lighting

The lighting of public areas and important squares serves to enhance attractiveness, orientation and security, but must not be a strain on municipal coffers. Accordingly, SITECO's economical wide-area outdoor lighting helps to relieve urban finances.

Energy efficiency, however, is not the only criterion that area lighting must meet. High quality workmanship and resistance to wind and weather are essential if luminaires are to perform reliably in heat, frost, snow and wet conditions. Modular concepts ensure that the luminaire retains its value, while in the future, for example, only the LED module can be upgraded.

The topic of light pollution in cities and communities is also becoming increasingly important. SITECO uses special reflector or lens technology in outdoor luminaires that directs light downwards onto the usable surface and thus emits 0% light into the upper hemisphere of the room. Solutions with amber colored light are also available for street and area lighting as well as for illuminating monuments and facades. This "orange" light is virtually blue-free and does not disturb nocturnal insects.

Tunnel lighting

Congestion. Noise. Smell. The constantly increasing traffic in cities is an irritating topic and presents them with great challenges. At the same time, however, infrastructure and good connections are key factors for economic power. One way out of this misery is tunnels as part of traffic management. They relieve road congestion, create connections and bind noise and fine dust. 

However, you need light, day and night. With particularly economical LED solutions from SITECO, however, this does not mean high costs. SITECO offers you tailor-made tunnel luminaires that are not only extremely energy-efficient but also ideally meet all the other essential criteria for tunnel lighting.

Short mounting times and virtually maintenance-free operation prevent the costly blocking of tunnels for repairs and maintenance work. Robust, corrosion-resistant materials withstand heat, cold, humidity and exhaust gases as well as the usual mechanical cleaning in tunnels.

But also the light quality should not be underestimated when driving through long tubes. SITECO relies on glare-free solutions and knows from the experience of more than 1000 tunnel projects worldwide how to choose light point spacings so that no unpleasant, tiring flicker impression is created when driving through the tunnel. 

Smart light and service tools for municipalities and companies

Energy efficiency. Safety. Sustainability. Digitalization.
These are the current topics of our time. They determine what modern street and outdoor lighting must do - today and in the future. Integrated intelligent lighting control is the technical basis to exploit the full potential of LED lighting and meet the full range of requirements.

Digital tools and services are the new tools for even more efficient workflows in a digital world. Apps, smartphone connectivity and network between databases and third-party systems simplify the handling in all phases – from warehousing to commissioning and parameterization to final documentation.

SITECO shows you the many possibilities that intelligent lighting control offers municipalities and companies, and how you can easily manage street and outdoor lighting in a digital world with the new service tool LumIdent.

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