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Perfect lighting for the new Aren'Ice ice rink with SITECO Floodlight 20 LED luminaires

Built in 2017 by the architects Chabanne + Partenaires in Cergy-Pontoise, 15 miles north of Paris, the Aren'Ice ice rink not only impresses with its spectacular modern architecture modeled after an iceberg. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, it is possible to host especially various ice but also other sports events at the highest international level in the hall. An essential contribution to the international competitiveness of the Aren'Ice is provided by the first-class illumination of the ice rink with innovative DALI-controllable Siteco Floodlight 20 midi LED luminaires from SITECO.

The Aren'Ice, which also houses the headquarters of the French Ice Hockey Federation, is primarily designed for ice sports events such as ice hockey and figure skating, but can also be used for other indoor sports such as handball, volleyball, basketball or tennis after conversion of the ice.

Trained for first class sports lighting: SITECO Floodlight 20 LED floodlights – flexible, controllable, efficient and flicker-free

The sports lighting experts from SITECO opted for Floodlight 20 LED floodlights in the plus version, which can be controlled via DALI. The 164 FL 20 LED luminaires in the system with the corresponding DALI control units from SITECO easily meet the highest international standards for professional sports competition lighting and perfect HDTV-compatibility.

The Floodlight 20 LED plus luminaires allow the programming and use of different lighting scenarios in the Aren'Ice. Thus, the lighting level can be easily and quickly adapted to various activities, above all to save energy, but also to the lighting standards of various international sports associations. With the SITECO LED solution, four light scenes can be realized: High Level Competition, Ice Hockey Regional Competition, Training and Entertainment and Cleaning Time – with an average illuminance of 1000, 600, 300 and 150 lux.