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Tailor-made lighting concept for climbing halls

The new Big Rock Climbing Wall in Milton Keynes, England, was to be equipped with energy-efficient, glare-free and high-contrast lighting. To achieve this, those responsible relied on the lighting expertise of SITECO. In close consultation, the client, lighting designer, SITECO and its partner Assured Energy Solutions were able to create the ideal lighting for climbing with modern LED continuous-row luminaires. The technical lighting of stairwells, café areas, changing rooms and all other interiors rounded off the project. The project to extend its two existing locations by a third one also focused on a sophisticated lighting concept for the climbing hall operator Big Rock Climbing Ltd. based in Milton Keynes, England. The key requirements for lighting the eleven-metre-high room were energy efficiency and freedom from glare. In addition, the light was to clearly emphasise the texture of the four main climbing sections.

In close consultation on the tailor-made concept

At the first meeting, SITECO and its partner Assured Energy Solutions were already able to impress those responsible with their consulting competence. SITECO was the only one of three lighting companies to respond with a comprehensive design proposal including planning in order to meet the requirements. Timing was also a challenge as the work was due to start 14 days later. From the outset, the company worked closely with the owner and the main contractor to create a tailor-made lighting concept. As the owner successfully used a similar project in Austria as a reference, which SITECO had already realised with lighting designer Li Mei Yong from Shanghai, she was also involved in the planning.

Flexible modular system

The modular Modario® LED trunking system is now being used in the climbing hall. Its standard DALI integration and the possibility of easily combining different lumen packages, lighting technologies and beam angles according to the modular principle facilitate the implementation of tailor-made lighting. A further advantage, especially in hard-to-reach areas, is the simple and quick installation of Modario® modules via external plug connections and bolt locks.

Mix of light colours

In the Big Rock Climbing Hall, the strunking system inserts provide pleasantly glare-free yet very bright illumination that supports concentration when climbing. In addition, specially aligned spots highlight the climbing walls. To emphasise their texture and at the same time further reduce glare for climbers, the main areas of the hall are illuminated with a light colour of 4,000 Kelvin, while the climbing walls themselves are illuminated with warmer 3,000 Kelvin. In addition, 20 LED floodlights provide additional light at each end of the Floodlight climbing hall.

Elaborate lighting concept for all rooms

The lighting concept also includes the other rooms of the indoor climbing centre. For example, the elegant RONDEL flat with optional emergency lighting element is used in the stairwells. They not only impress with their modern ultra-flat design, but also with uniform light distribution and decorative ceiling illumination. In the changing areas, PUNCTOLED DL 200 downlights with wide beam light characteristics and satinised optics provide a pleasant diffuse lighting atmosphere with good visual comfort. And in the staff offices, PrevaLight panels enable concentrated work. All that remains is the lighting of the exterior façade, for which SITECO has already presented a concept.

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