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BMW relies on efficient LED solution from SITECO

Around 6,000 customer-specific Modario LED inserts illuminate the new logistics and supply centre in the BMW Group works at Dingolfing. The lighting solution features high energy efficiency, a long lifespan, low maintenance and good visual comfort. and thanks to modern LED technology it consumes around 55% less electricity than a comparable system fitted with standard lamps.

The newly constructed hall serves as a storage and logistics area for small parts, delivered from there directly to the assembly lines in production. Because the hall is occupied over long periods, in turn requiring continuously sufficient illuminance, a lighting solution featuring high energy savings was targeted. A flexible and easy-installation trunking system was installed in the new logistics bay, with a total of approximately 6,000 customer-specific LED luminaires based on the SITECO Modario system with prismatic covers. The innovative LED lighting solution slashes annual power consumption by around 55% compared to a system with conventional technology (T16 1x80W). Thanks to cost savings with maintenance and operation, investment costs for the LED lighting are amortised in less than three years.

Several of the luminaires are equipped with automatic luminous flux tracking. This readjusts the age-related reduction in luminous flux, meaning that the lighting system must not be over-dimensioned during the commissioning process, as is required by standard technology. Its luminous flux is set from the start to the individually required level and this is automatically maintained at a constant level over the complete service life. In addition to electricity savings, this also positively benefits the lifespan. The luminaires are also customer-specifically equipped with a general power supply and two equivalent power supplies – with power failure, at least one equivalent power supply continues to operate. The equivalent power supply luminaires are kept in continuous operation while the hall lighting itself is controlled across two work shifts via a higher-level switching programme.

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