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SITECO Streetlight 10 LED luminaire family enables the city of Delbrück to switch to innovative LED street lighting easily and cost-effectively

A few years ago, the town of Delbrück started modernizing its street lighting and by 2013 it had replaced all its remaining mercury vapor lamps with LED luminaires. By 2018, the 351 linear luminaires equipped with T8 fluorescent lamps, mostly from the 1970s, will be upgraded to LED lighting. High-efficiency Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from SITECO are ideal for this purpose. In 2016 they were used to bring 119 luminaires quickly and cost-effectively up-to-date with LED technology. Annual energy savings will be in the region of 25,000 kilowatt hours.

Efficient technology and simple retrofitting

n 2015, the town of Delbrück submitted a funding request to the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature and Reactor Safety (BMU). The request was for luminaires that would achieve energy savings of at least 70 percent compared with the existing lighting system. Streetlight 10 LED luminaires easily meet this requirement. This innovative family of LED luminaires from SITECO not only offers highly efficient technology, long life and economical operation but also provides a quick, simple and cost-effective path to modernization as the masts can be reused and only the light sources need to be replaced.

High quality of light and intelligent output control

In terms of their quality of light, output and control options the Streetlight 10 LED luminaires meet all the requirements of Westfalen Weser Netz GmbH, the utility commissioned with planning and project management, namely high-intensity standard-compliant illumination, low glare, good color rendering, low power consumption and the option of night time power reduction.

Uniform luminaire design for various lighting tasks

The visual aspect of the new LED solution was also important. The LED luminaires not only had to perform specific lighting tasks based on mast dimensions and location, they also had to belong to a luminaire family and have the same attractive design features. Thanks to their various LED module lengths, their different outputs and the different emission characteristics of their optics, the high-quality Streetlight 10 family of LED luminaires also meets these requirements. The units used in Delbrück are the Streetlight 10 Mini and the Streetlight 10 Midi with ST1.2 street optics and Streetlight 10 Midi with asymmetrical right-distributing optics for pedestrian crossings.

Annual energy savings of 25,000 kilowatt hours

The 119 Streetlight 10 LED luminaires from SITECO that have so far been installed will deliver annual energy savings of around 25,000 kilowatt hours for the town of Delbrück and CO2 savings of around 295 tonnes over their lifetime.

Products used

Streetlight 10 LED