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Telfs climbing centre finds the perfect light route with SITECO LED luminaires

A new paradise for all fans of rope climbing and bouldering has been available since mid-2016 in Telfs, around 30 kilometres from Innsbruck in Austria. In the "Bergstation", constructed at a cost of two million euros, recreational sportsmen, hobby/professional climbers and special boulderers can let off steam and clamber along 80 routes within a climbing area of more than 1,000 m2 both indoors and outdoors. Highly efficient, high-performance LED lighting solutions from SITECO ensure that climbers have ideal, all-round visual conditions and a firm grip on everything, and also that the operators achieve their set targets.

SITECO was commissioned with the challenging lighting design for the Telfs Climbing Centre. The operators stipulated standard-compliant, glare-free lighting with high contrast and low shadowing. At the same time, the lighting solution for the Bergstation had to be very flexible and guarantee uniform lighting because the climbing routes are frequently modified and optimum visual comfort must always be ensured. The specific technical challenge was to illuminate the climbing walls with as little glare as possible, especially in overhang sections and outdoors.

Modern SITECO LED luminaires successfully accomplish all lighting tasks

After an intensive inspection of the routes and an analysis of conditions on location, the SITECO sports lighting experts specified Modario® LED and Floodlight 20 LED luminaires as primary lighting solutions for the Bergstation. The requisite bright general lighting throughout for indoors is implemented with the Modario® PS LED trunking system, with LED track spotlights setting special, flexible accents. The high lumen-output, uniform illumination of the lead climbing hall and the climbing walls outdoors is achieved with FL20 Midi LED projectors. Diverse SITECO LED luminaires also successfully implement further lighting tasks in the youth room, stockroom and other ancillary spaces.

The engineer Roland Rinnergschwentner, Project Manager at SITECO, is pleased about every aspect of the SITECO LED lighting. "Our lighting solution has achieved resounding success with all climbers and the operators. The climbing centre is used by a great deal of visitors and the lighting is now also being viewed as an Austria-wide reference installation. I'm especially pleased about the fact that our clients were initially keen on a conventional fluorescent lamp solution because of cost reasons - we were able to convince them about the advantages of sustainable, modern SITECO LED lighting that's not only more efficient and performative but also achieves savings of around 18%."

Products used

Floodlight 20