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SITECO Tunable White LED Lights: FLUXUNIT invests in extremely dynamic office lighting

FLUXUNIT, invests in “lighting-focused” startups but also in other technology-driven counterparts with innovative products and services which offer scalable business models and address large markets. To offer the FLUXUNIT employees a dynamic and motivating working environment, the company invested in a biologically activating lighting installation in addition to generous premises and attractive interior design. The human centric lighting concept (HCL) was implemented as a primary lighting structure using SITECO SCRIPTUS TW Tunable White LED luminaires. The objective of HCL concepts is a significant improvement in the lighting situation to enhance well-being and performance at work, as well as optimum synchronization with the outdoor area. The more light, the better – dynamic white light with changing brightness levels, light colors and light distributions following the changes in natural daylight supports natural biorhythms, increasing well-being and performance.

Primary lighting structure using SITECO SCRIPTUS TW LED luminaires

The 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD winning SITECO SCRIPTUS TW LED luminaires – in this case in the symmetrical version as pendant luminaires – play a major role in providing human centric lighting in the FLUXUNIT offices and meeting areas. Direct and indirect light (D/I) in different color temperatures and changing combinations – such as D/I 3000/6500 K, D/I 6500/3000 K, D/I 4000/4000 K, D/I 3000/3000 K – perfectly adapts the lighting to the respective area and the primary tasks and activities performed there. In the bright open office areas with large windows all around, the focus of the activating lighting is primarily on well-being, comfort and optimum synchronization with incoming daylight. In the meeting areas with less window space and a lower amount of direct light, more and appropriately “dosed” artificial light with higher color temperatures specifically supports attention and concentration – but without compromising basic well-being.

Zoning and accentuation through LUNIS LED downlights with add-on housings

The secondary lighting structure is formed by SITECO LUNIS Mini Round LED downlights with a color temperature of 4000 K and a luminous flux of 1000 lm which additionally create mood lighting, zoning the space and accentuating individual areas.