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Innovative LED lighting for efficient and safe operation at Linde Gas

Since mid-2017, Linde Gas in Marl has been operating its first fully automated filling plant. State-of-the-art LED lighting solutions from SITECO support efficient and safe operation in all areas. There are plans for the innovative concept of the new Rhine-Ruhr filling plant to be adopted at the company’s other locations in various countries.

New concept with pioneering function: Linde Füllwerk Rhein-Ruhr in Marl/Dorsten

With approximately 60,000 employees in more than 100 countries and a turnover of nearly 17 billion euros in fiscal 2016, the Linde Group is one of the leading gas and engineering companies in the world. Gases from Linde are used in the energy sector, steel production, chemical processing, environmental protection, welding, food processing, glass production, electronics and the medical field. In 2017, the Linde Group started operating the first fully automated filling plant for industrial gases and carbon dioxide mixtures in Marl. The Rhine-Ruhr filling plant plays a pioneering role within the group, with plans for the innovative concept to be used at the company’s other locations in various countries.

SITECO LED luminaires support perfect and safe operation

The new Linde Gas filling plant has a very high degree of mechanization and automation. The internal transport of gas cylinders and bundles is automated, which significantly reduces forklift traffic on the site. Special features of the new system include a fully automated high-bay warehouse and plans for automated, robot-assisted sorting and order picking – which is currently organized by the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This allows for more than one million cylinders to be handled per year. Innovative LED lighting solutions from SITECO also provide technological highlights. Various Siteco LED luminaires make a clear contribution to smooth, safe and efficient operation, production and delivery – both indoors and outdoors.

SITECO LED tracks, LED downlights and LED louvre luminaires for indoor applications

The Linde Rhine-Ruhr filling plant is completely equipped with 10-pin SITECO Modario PS LED tracks featuring dirt-resistant IP50-protected steel sheet housings (MSH). What’s more, SITECO LEDVALUX LED downlights, SITECO LUXILED LED light windows with coffer dimensions of 625 x 625 mm, and, for pump areas, SITECO Compact Monsun damp-proof luminaires are used. Overall, a consistent homogeneous illuminance of 500 lx is achieved indoors. The DALI emergency lighting functionality of the Modario LED lighting strips also ensures an illuminance of at least 15 lx in the case of a power failure. This is required so that employees can safely shut down the system.

SITECO LED streetlights and LED floodlights for outdoor use

Monitored by security cameras, gases are loaded outdoors until late at night. SITECO Streetlight 10 LEDs and SITECO Floodlight 20 LEDs ensure that the whole site is uniformly lit. Equipped with an illuminance of 15, 20 or 50 lux depending on the tasks, SITECO LED outdoor luminaires support safe loading and reliable operation of the security cameras.

Products used

Streetlight 10 LED