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Speedway in new light

Optimum visual conditions for motorcyclists, and for spectators both in the stadium and in front of the television – such was the specification made by AC Landshut for refurbishment of the One Solar Arena.

Until now, standard road luminaires illuminated the speedway racing track of the Landshut Devils - with sufficient illuminance levels to ensure safety of the motorcyclists, but with two major disadvantages: light was not only cast onto the track but also into the adjacent areas, and the lighting solution did not comply with the high specifications for TV broadcasting as required in July 2015 for the European speedway championships in Landshut.

Vertical illuminance levels are decisive for TV broadcasting. The illuminance must be sufficiently high for optimum TV images but glare must be simultaneously avoided for participants and spectators at the location.

The solution from SITECO consisted of installing a total of 92 SITECO SiCOMPACT® A3 MAXI projectors with 2000 watts, mounted onto 23 existing masts. This lighting solution not only supplies the requisite level of uniformity for the racing track, but also more than 1000 lux of vertical illuminance for the four permanently installed cameras.

SITECO carried out a highly precise lighting calculation prior to this. This then provided the on-site installers with exact data for optimally aligning the projectors.

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