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Football LED lighting at the highest technical level

SITECO carried out the lighting design and planning for a new innovative pitch lighting system for soccer club 1. FC Hochstadt e. V. 12 Siteco FL 20 maxi LED floodlights throw a particularly efficient and powerful light onto the Fifa-certified artificial pitch which is also new.

Under the direction of Chairman Manfred Maier and the participation of numerous club members the club 1. FC Hochstadt e. V. designed a new pitch lighting system on its own initiative. The system had to meet high-class demands in terms of quality of light and efficiency, while putting the club and especially its new Fifa 2-star certified artificial pitch from global market leaders Field Turf in a modern light. STRABAG Sportstättenbau was appointed the general contractor for this ambitious project, SITECO and its technology and expertise were chosen to carry out the lighting design and planning and FSB Beling completed the team, looking after the installation and setup of the chosen Siteco luminaires.

Innovative LED spotlights and intelligent light tactics – different lighting levels and separately switchable pitch halves ensure a high level of efficiency/low operating costs

The new powerful pitch lighting system consists of 12 innovative SITECO LED floodlights with two different light distributions. In consultation with the client, the lighting system was set up in such a way that the two halves of the pitch could be switched separately. There is also the option of operating the system at half the illuminance level, either entirely or partially, for example for normal running sessions or training sessions where little light is needed.

The club management and members of 1. FC 1911 Hochstadt are extremely happy with the performance of the new SITECO LED luminaires. Using as few as 12 FL 20 maxi LED floodlights, not only a high lighting level of approximately 110 lx – at a high homogeneous illuminance of 0.78 – can be achieved, but the solution from Siteco also plays in the “premier league” when it comes to energy savings and economy.

Efficient LED sports lighting from Siteco gathers new fans everywhere

The new lighting system from SITECO is greeted with enthusiasm not only by 1. FC 1911 Hochstadt, but also by outsiders. There have already been numerous viewing appointments with other soccer clubs and other people who require first-class sports lighting solutions.

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