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Kristiansund Stadium scores with high-quality floodlight from SITECO

The Kristiansund stadium, which is owned by Kristiansund municipality and homestadium for the Norwegian football club Kristiansund Ballklubb (KBK), has been extensively renovated and has also a new modern lighting solution. SITECO A3 Maxi and R3 Maxi HF floodlights give the stadium a new, highly professional appearance and ensure a strong, flicker-free lighting of the football pitch according to UEFA standard class C, which is excellently suited for modern high-speed HD television. SITECO also supported the responsible lighting designers COWI AS in lighting design and took over the erection and installation of the floodlight poles.

The Kristiansund stadium has went through refurbishment and changes in many stages and over the years, summer 2013, the grass was replaced by artificial turf and from 2014 Kristiansund Ballklubb took over the operation of the stadium. The club's general sponsor SpareBank 1 Nordvest has bought the name and given the stadium the name Kristiansund Stadion. KBK dreamed of creating an atmosphere similar to the smaller clubs of the English league. A lot of inspiration came from the Deva Stadium, the home of Chester FC, who are currently playing in the English Conference League. The lighting solutions have undoubtedly contributed to the realization of KBK's vision.

SITECO floodlights inspire players, spectators and cameramen

Kristiansund Stadium upgraded their lighting as a part of the major renovation. SITECO floodlights of the prestigious Siteco brand – A3 Maxi with 400, 1000 and 2000 W and R3 Maxi with 2000 W HF – give the stadium a new, highly professional look. The innovative aiming solution provide a strong and flicker-free lighting of the pitch, which is in line with the UEFA standard class C and is ideal for modern high-speed HD television. How well the new SITECO floodlight scores can not only be seen by the athletes and the spectators, but is also reflected in the comments of an employee of the well-known English TV channel Discovery Channel: "First of all, I must boast the floodlighting. This must be Norway's best football stadium floodlighting, so we got completely magical images on our high-speed camera, completely flicker-free. The lighting was amazing.”

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