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Urban area with intelligent lighting management system

The town of Guben in Brandenburg, Germany refurbished its road lighting in 2013 and upgraded the light points to modern, energy-saving LED technology. Around 550 Streetlight 10 LED luminaires in Premium version from SITECO were installed in the complete urban district. This enables Guben to save approximately 60% of energy compared to the old system.

The old lighting system originates partly from the East German era and was operated with obsolete and inefficient light sources. There was also no possibility of controlling lighting according to needs: to save energy, every second luminaire was switched off in some sections each night, causing hazardous dark zones.

With the new LED solution, not only the quality of light was significantly improved but the town also now saves approximately 60% of energy and CO2. Due to the high level of energy saving, the installation of the new luminaires has been subsidised by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

In order to exploit the savings potential of LED as far as possible, all luminaires were integrated into an intelligent light management system and interconnected. Street Light Control enables the possibility to take into account highly individual, specific requirements on-site. The light management system enables single luminaires and also complete luminaire groups (for example with road sections or in a city district) to be controlled according to requirements and centrally monitored.

In the personnel traffic zones of a large industrial company with multi-shift work, the dimming levels and dimming times of the luminaires were set to take into account the higher number of people at shift change times in the night, increasing lighting levels accordingly in the specific sectors. The result is a highly individual and therefore very efficient, cost-optimised lighting solution featuring high light quality over the complete refurbishment area.

Products used

Streetlight 10