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Advanced lighting solution for production halls and warehouses

Kirow, the global leader for railway cranes and slag transporters, has equipped a total of three new halls with the SITECO LED industrial luminaire. Energy efficiency, reliability and specific quality of the lighting played a decisive role when selecting the luminaire solution.

Steel manufacture and storage hall

The steel production bay in Leipzig with a floor space of 2,700 m² is the first large-scale reference system with the new SITECO NJ 700 LED industrial luminaire, and 77 narrow distribution luminaires generate a nominal illuminance of 450 lux in the 14 metre-high hall. NJ 700 LED has been designed specifically for challenging and rough ambient conditions, and also withstands welding vapours from the steel production.

Daylight entering through the rooflights of the hall is practically utilised. Artificial lighting in the steel production hall is controlled according to levels of daylight via a KNX system. The workers are enthusiastic about being able to dim the lighting according to needs or controlling it in automatic mode according to levels of daylight. In the adjacent storage hall, the light is switched on according to presence when people enter the space.

Thanks to integration in a KNX light management system, the LED solution cuts energy costs by 67% compared to a standard lighting system with metal halide lamps without control features. In the first months, monthly energy cost savings achieved an average of 1,695 euros. This means that the theoretical prognosis for saving energy costs of approx. 19,000 euros per year is exceeded. If investment and maintenance costs are also considered, the higher costs of the LED solution are amortised within 3 to 4 years.

Finishing and coating hall

In a second step, the new finishing and coating hall was also equipped with NJ 700 LED luminaires, and daylight/presence-dependent control was also specified for this application. High ambient temperatures dominate in the hall due to the washing, drying and subsequent coating of the multi-taskers and slag transporters.

The level of vertical illuminance was increased due to the large-scale dimensions of the coated parts (often complete heavy-duty cranes), and in addition to general lighting on the ceiling, several luminaires were also installed to the walls for this reason. The wall fixing is adjustable to enable the painters to individually align or dim the light. In this way a nominal illuminance of approximately 800 lux is achieved for the finishing hall with a size of 1,120 m². It's not only quality inspection that benefits below the brilliant LED light, but workers in the night shift are also highly satisfied with the higher illuminance levels.

The result

The NJ 700 LED from the SITECO provides highly energy-efficient and future-safe lighting in the KIROW steel works at Leipzig. Thanks to a combination of LED technology and daylight/presence-dependent control of light, up to 70% of energy is saved compared to a standard lighting installation without LMS.

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