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Long awaited indoor swimming pool becomes an immediate success story

Årnes (in Akershus, Norway) has finally gotten the swimming hall it has been waiting for since the Neshallen sports facilities located next door were built in the 1980's. Groundworks started in September of 2015. The entire hall has approximately 4000 square meters of floor space. It was completed in time for the summer holidays of 2017. The swimming hall is designed as a family-friendly facility. The thousands of visitors are proof of its popularity. The local primary and secondary schools in Nes use the swimming pool regularly. Otherwise the facilities are open to the public, sports clubs and other associations which are assigned specific times of use. The Nes Swimming Hall has one main hall with a large pool (25m long), an activity and child pool, a diving tower, water slide, climbing wall and much more. There is also a therapy pool with hot water in a smaller room next door.

The walls of the swimming hall are plain unpainted concrete with coloured fields on the long wall combined with a yellow diving tower. The decorations provide a lively and appealing touch. The lighting solution in the large hall consists of dual FL20 LED floodlights from SITECO. The floodlights provide narrow-beam uplights that spread through optical prisms mounted just below the high celiing. The smaller hall with the therapy pool has a lower ceiling. We used FL20 LED fixtures in the ceiling to provide light here. "Using mirrors is exciting. They provide nice general lighting and create a pleasant atmosphere. The elegant and slim fixtures are unassuming," said the general manager of the lighting contractor for the project, Leif J. Viken at Myhre Elektro.

"The building's complexity was a challenge, but the lighting installation went quite well. We think it was a very special and exciting solution. The challenge was to use mirrors and prisms to dampen and spread the light and create good lighting overall. The fixtures have Dali lighting controls, which is a relatively advanced system," Viken said. "We hope and believe they will serve their purpose for many years with minimal maintenance. This was an investment in long-life LED lighting. It is quite easy to reach the fixtures for if technical or operational changes are necessary. They are located low enough on the walls, so only a rolling scaffold is needed for service. All in all, this was an awesome project," said Leif J. Viken at Myhre Elektro.

"The swimming hall looks great, and we were able to open 14 days ahead of schedule. It is already a huge success. More than 10 000 people have visited thus far. Good lighting is an important part of the overall impression, and we hope the lighting system will have a long life. The swimming hall has a 25-meter pool with 6 lanes, and a water slide that is nearly 60 meters long. It is the only swimming hall in the Municipality of Nes, making it an activity center for swimmers, divers and ball games. The hall provides so many opportunities. It is both elegant and a nice place to be. We are working hard to maintain the quality of lighting we hoped for," says Teis Lund Gregersen, general manager of Nes Swimming Hall.

The client for the project was the Municipality of Nes. The architects who designed the building came from Nuno Arkitekter AS and the general contractor was Backe Romerike.

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