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Intelligent LED light for VW parking garage saves 65% in energy

One of the largest and most modern logistics centres in Europe is found at Baunatal near Kassel in Germany – the original parts centre for Volkswagen. More than 450,000 VW original parts are dispatched from the location to seven domestic sales centres and 83 countries. As part of the "Think Blue. Factory." campaign, Volkswagen also aimed to set standards in terms of energy saving, and as a consequence it was decided to sustainably upgrade the associated employee car park with 500 parking lots. Energy savings of 65% are achieved with support of the new lighting installation from SITECO based on innovative LED luminaires and intelligent light control. Thanks to electricity cost savings, the investment is paid back within three years.

A new analysis process as a basis for the concept

As a first step, the experts from VW and SITECO carried out a detailed analysis together concerning future needs. Frequentation in the existing car park was measured by a data logger for the purpose, Based on these calculations, SITECO then developed a comprehensive lighting solution for the VW parking garage. The car park is now equipped with the SITECO Monsun 2 LED damp-proof luminaire.

The luminaires were combined with state-of-the-art sensor and control technology. SITECO offers the PC 1 infrared sensor specifically for car park applications, featuring a detection characteristic specifically matched for car park applications to precisely detect the motion of people and vehicles. "It achieves a very high tangential detection range of 40 metres in diameter, meaning less sensors are needed for such relatively large areas and these areas are also reliably detected," explained Christian Remmelberger-König, Application Engineer at SITECO. The sensor is ideal for rugged car park operation thanks to IP54 protection. The intelligent Basic Industry control precisely matches the illuminance level to the momentary lighting needs in the parking areas. The luminaires are controlled according to the specific parking level via DALI depending on levels of daylight and motion.

More efficiency, more safety

If nobody is present in the sensor detection range the system runs in reduced mode, that in this case is set to 20% of regular illuminance. If motion is detected in the detection range of the sensor, the corresponding luminaires are immediately raised to 100% illuminance. In addition, the higher detection quality of the sensor means that delay time is reduced to a minimum, 10 minutes in this case. Both operating modes ensure 100% uniformity of illuminance to underline the feeling of safety in the building. This achieves an optimal combination of energy-saving and safety atmosphere.

65 percent energy savings due to new lighting system

The new lighting solution scores points both ecologically and economically, and helps VW to achieve its "Think Blue. Factory." targets. Energy reduction with the new lighting system is a verifiable 65% and the return on investment (ROI) is three years. The 350 new LED luminaires together with high-resolution sensors and professional control technology annually save approximately 90,000 kWh and therefore 60 tons of CO2 emissions.