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SITECO illuminates Spain's most important Audi subsidiary

From access way to vehicle handover and showroom to workshop – SITECO installed the complete lighting of the new Audi Center Madrid Norte. With a mix of standard luminaires and customer-specific developments for Audi, a holistic lighting approach was implemented that efficiently and elegantly supports the brand's claim, blends into the concise Audi design and provides ideal light in all areas.

A new brand experience in the familiar corporate design

The new Audi Center Madrid Norte was inaugurated in the summer of 2018. The vehicle manufacturer from Ingolstadt, Germany invested seven million euros in the new subsidiary. With 11,000 square meters of space and 50 employees it is the largest Audi center in Spain. All topics concerning the purchase of new and used cars, repair and service are covered here, and digital technologies are also implemented for a new and contemporary brand experience. "Thanks to augmented reality for example, clients can experience their dream car as if in real life, look at it from all sides, experience various paint options and take a look at the interior," says David Sacristán Lobo, Digital Marketing Manager at Audi. On the outside, the Audi Center in Madrid is characterized by the "corporate architecture" developed for the Group by the Munich architects Allmann Sattler Wappner in 2006. This includes large fenestration with asymmetrical shapes as well as dynamic curved spaces in the interior. This means that the subsidiary is also clearly visible from the nearby expressway.

Customer-specific lighting for the showroom

In accordance with Audi's design specifications, lighting throughout the building must also comply with various requirements. Each Audi center has its own specially developed and manufactured lighting solutions to match the architecture. LED ceiling washers are integrated into the curved walls of the showroom and provide general lighting via reflection from the ceiling. "Their diffuse indirect component makes the forms of the vehicles displayed particularly recognizable," explains Pedro Calvo who coordinated the project on behalf of SITECO. The situation is comparable with the large "light windows" embedded in the ceiling in the area of vehicle handover. Each vehicle is presented and displayed below one of these flush ceiling fields to bring out the best in terms of color and shape. Both customer-specific solutions are supplemented by accentuating directional spotlights as well as spotlights for accentuating details.

Efficient light for presentation, sales and screen work

Audi not only sets special stipulations for its centers in terms of design but also in terms of energy efficiency. As a consequence, conventional solutions have no longer been used for several years but only light based on LED technology. Point light sources play an important role where sales staff and customers circulate. Audi draws on the full SITECO portfolio with downlights, wallwashers and spotlights from the Lunis® range, LEDVALUX® downlights and VISTOSA® spotlights for track. The directional light sources emphasize details in the showroom, accessories in the retail area and allow paint samples to appear in the very best light. "Audi opted for an aesthetically high quality solution with very good color rendering," says SITECO Head of Sales Spain Miguel Villena. Classic downlights at reception counters and behind the scenes in adjacent rooms also provide general lighting. Novaluna® LED office luminaires were installed in the area of the employee desk workstations. Thanks to their microprismatic cover they create uniform, glare-free light that is particularly suitable for working on screens.

Robust light in and around the workshop

A large part of the Audi Center houses the complete service area with direct reception and workshop. The PS version of the Modario® trunking system was installed here. The small indirect component for ceiling illumination creates a bright, friendly atmosphere for work. The prismatic frosted cover ensures high uniformity and good glare control – the ideal basis for precise repairs and work on shiny surfaces such as car paint. The trunking system is supplemented by durable AQUALINE® damp proof luminaires, especially in workshop areas with dust, humidity and dirt. These are impact-resistant and, with IP66, more than adequately protected for applications in demanding environments. Floodlight 20 mini floodlights ensure road safety and orientation in the evening hours in the outdoor areas, on the parking spaces and along the access ways. "I'm delighted that Audi is convinced of our products and that we could once again score with high levels of reliability, technical expertise and special customer solutions," says SITECO Managing Director Herbert Willmy-Quensen.

Products used

Lunis® Spot
Lunis® Wallwasher